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Tom Cotton Rips Biden Nominee Apart Using Her Own Words on Racial Bias [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was interviewing uber radical leftist Vanita Gupta during her confirmation hearing to be appointed to one of the top spots at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Gupta is one of those Woke Supremacist people who believe in the theory that all Americans are racist and everybody has this implicit bias built into them.

During a congressional hearing on reforming the police across the United States after the death of George fluid in Minneapolis at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, Gupta said some pretty ridiculous things.  She said that because of the 4 police officers in Minneapolis who were arresting George fluid that all police have a problem with racial bias and that that incident with those 4 police officers should hold all police throughout all 50 states account for their actions.

“Minneapolis police officers put the issue of police brutality in the national spotlight, the outpouring of pain and anger is anything but a reaction to one isolated incident or the misconduct of a few bad apples.  Instead, the outcry is a response to the long cycle of stolen lives and violence with impunity toward black people in our nation.”

Gupta believes in decriminalizing all drugs and is a huge supporter of illegal immigration and open borders, a real piece of garbage with a degree who knows how to make the garbage sound nice and flowery but hasn’t yet figured out how to take away the smell, as you would expect from such a radical.

It was her views on race that caused the smackdown she was about to receive from the Arkansas senator that was a real eye-opener for anyone who paid attention.  Someone call 9-11 because Cotton took her apart and killed her where she sat.

Senator Cotton reminisced with Gupta about an exchange she previously had with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) where she responded to a question about whether or not she supports decriminalizing all drugs where she said no she does not and Cotton pointed to an Op-Ed that was published in the Huffington Post in 2012 where she wrote, “States should decriminalize simple possession of all drugs particularly for marijuana and small amounts of other drugs.”  He then went on and asked her why she misled Senator Cornyn.

Gupta responded by saying her position on the matter was what the position of the DOJ is.  Cotton responded by reminding her that Senator Cornyn didn’t ask her what the position of the DOJ was but what her, if it was true, did she advocate the decriminalization of all drugs and she responded under oath, “No sir, I do not.”

Then it got really good.  Senator Cotton moved on to talk about another exchange Gupta had with Senator Cornyn saying “last summer, 9 months ago when Cornyn asked her ‘Do you believe that all Americans are racist’ and that she replied, ‘Yes, I think that we all have implicit biases and racial biases.  Yes I do.'”

Cotton then asked Gupta “which races do you harbor racial bias?”  BOOM!


When democrats and leftist Woke Supremamcists go out on a limb and make general statements like all Americans are racists or all Americans have an implicit bias in them or that America is systemically racist which is pretty much saying the same thing, then you should ask them which races are they racially biased against.  They are American and they indicted all Americans in their statement, so ipso facto what racial makeup of people are they racist against?

Or course Gupta went on to give a standard bullschtein line that when she said that she didn’t really mean all Americans are racist but we all have an implicit bias in ourselves and that it doesn’t mean that we are harboring any racism at all yet we manifest unconscious assumptions and stereotypes that can get made, and blah blah blah.  But that’s not how she answered the question.  When she answered the question it was during a time when nightly riots in Democrat-run cities were happening and saying all Americans [always implied as white people or people of color who supported Donald Trump] are born racist was fashionable and you could get away with it but now she is sitting before a Senate that gives advice and consent on her wishes to be confirmed to a position in the Department of Justice, and she just got caught lying about her past positions.

Gupta went on to say that she does have racial bias but she “manages” not admitting that so does pretty much every other living American.  In short, her questioning from Cotton made her sound like the south end of a northbound horse.

Cotton then asked her about when she opposed three judges Trump nominated, a Filipino American, a Korean American, and an African American.  Here’s the often-overlooked brilliance of Tom Cotton.  He then asked Gupta if members of those communities should be worried that she would have a racial bias after she opposed their nominations, and Gupta took the bait.

Gupta responded by saying she wasn’t sure how that connection was being made, that the decisions she came to were not made on the basis of race but on the nominees’ past stances on civil rights and after a thorough review of their record, and that’s when Cotton went in for yet another kill.

Cotton responded saying, “So it’s your position then that you can oppose someone’s nomination on the merits without immediately and justly being accused of being racist or sexist because of their race or their sex.”  Again, BOOM!

Gupta again acted as if she didn’t understand what Cotton was getting at and so he spelled it out for her.

“I’m getting at the point that our Democratic friends and many in the media often make whenever a senator opposes a nominee they immediately jump to charges of racism.”

You just witnessed the crime of assault on Vanita Gupta by Senator Cotton where he beat the truth out of her.  Getting Democrats to admit the truth is a crime in their world so she probably felt violated.

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