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Tina Peters’ Team File Charges at 8AM in El Paso County, Colorado: Detain Voting Machines for Forensic Audit

Tina Peters files charges in alleged voter fraud scam.

Did Democrats go too far and get caught in Colorado? It certainly looks that way as two races were called into question under highly unusual circumstances. The first race was the race for Secretary of State. Tina Peters led in all the polls by double digits, while her closest opponent, Pam Anderson, was trailing by 15 points, but somehow she won by twenty points. And even more curious, a third candidate with less than $5,000 in his war chest finished a close third with 28.1% of the vote.

The state told Peters that she could call for a recount, but that she would have to raise $200,000 with 24 hours remaining. She did the impossible and so the recount was to begin. That’s when the current Secretary of State, Jenna Griswold stepped in with her legal team and they tied to control and manipulate the recount. She also claimed that observers would not be allowed to watch the recount.

What was she hiding?

Then, they ran a test of the ballot counts and out of 4,000 ballots, 2,200 were kicked out for adjudication. Federal guidelines say only 1% or less is acceptable, which would have been only 400 votes. Anderson outperformed the polls by 35% on election day.

The second race called into question was a Senate race that was called in favor of Linda Zamora Wilson on election night when she had over 16,000 votes. She was declared the loser the next day with just over 10,000 votes. So the question became, where did her other 6,000 votes go?

At 8 AM this morning, Tina Peters’ legal team filed a lawsuit asking sheriffs to take possession of the voting machines until a forensic audit could be done.


This morning the Peters campaign filed a lawsuit in El Paso County, Colorado calling on the sheriff to act and demanding the Dominion machines be detained for a forensic audit. 

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