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Time is Up for Joe Biden, Debate Highlights, and three Fact Checks

President Donald J. Trump and his Democrat Challenger faced off Thursday night after 90 mins, and talked about a number of issues. Trump outlasted Biden easily, as Biden slowed down, was slurring his speech and was getting very confused. He referred to the “Poor Boys” and was mixing up numbers and names of things. He did manage to tell voters that he would end oil and gas industries.

“With about 15 minutes left in the debate, Biden glanced down at his watch as if to say, Gawd, I gotta get back to my basement bunker before I turn into a pumpkin,” Paul Sperry said.

The New York Times reported, highly in favor of the moderator and Joe Biden:

She began with a plea for civility. “Please,” Kristen Welker instructed the men standing before her, “speak one at a time.”

For the most part on Thursday night, Ms. Welker got what she wanted.

In a high-stakes debut overseeing a presidential debate — taking charge of a candidate matchup that proved a bucking bronco for the previous moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News — Ms. Welker, an NBC anchor and correspondent, managed to restore order to a quadrennial institution that some believed could not be tamed.

No doubt, she benefited from Trump 2.0: A calmer president arrived onstage Thursday, a contrast with the candidate who derailed the proceedings in Cleveland last month. And she had a technological assist in the form of muted microphones, a novelty installed to keep the exchanges between Mr. Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joseph R. Biden Jr., from going from civics to chaos.

But in a poised and crisp performance, Ms. Welker, 44, succeeded where Mr. Wallace was walloped. Battle tested by years of covering the Trump White House, she parried with the president and cut him off as needed; Mr. Trump, eager to shed voters’ memories of his unruly performance last month, mostly acquiesced.”

This was really ironic because the moderator interrupted Trump about 40 times according to different sources, and did not allow him to answer his questions, and she allowed Biden to interrupted Trump between 20-30 times. The moderator was combative, but because that is to be expected, most supporters of Trump’s had a positive view of the event.

Even Fox News noticed the interruptions:

Three major highlights for Trump were on the topics of Cages, on the border to hold children, Biden’s flip flop on banning fracking and Biden’s use of the term “super predator”.

On Cages:

Jan Brewer, former Governor chimed it that it was indeed the Obama/Biden camp who built the cages:

The two top searches on Twitter Thursday night, were Ban Fracking and Super Predators.

On Super Predators:

Biden used the word Predators in describing African Americans:

On Fracking:

Biden did say he would end fracking.
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