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TikToker on Twitter Cries Racism During Super Bowl Halftime Show Because Crowds Cheered More For Eminem: ‘Feels like a hate crime’

You knew it was going to happen one day. It was inevitable in this crazy, radical woke world we live in.

A Neil (which is a male version of a Karen named after Neil Young) took to social media and tweeted a statement that a few years ago would have landed him a 72 hour visit to the giggle house, but today it seems ludicrously normal.

The user tweeted about the Super Bowl Halftime show complaining about the sudden enthusiasm of the crowd of people watching the game in a bar he was sitting in that spiked up after “being mostly silent” about the performers on the TV screen except for one celebrity: Eminem.

“so i know that everyone in this bar being mostly silent for the halftime show until eminem came on ISNT a hate crime…but it feels like it is”


The user, first-mate prince, a famous TikToker, obviously made a racial statement because Eminem is a white rapper and the rest of the Halftime show performers were black and people of color. At least that’s what I’m seeing in the videos of the event. I did not watch the game because Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care.

The tweet got a lot of replies and almost 8,000 likes.

One ignorant user insinuated racism was the reason they liked Eminem more than the others.

“Yup, the number of people who said the only performance they liked was Eminem was telling. So it’s not rap they don’t like clearly!”

I think first-mate prance’s tweet was racial but not racist. There’s a difference. He was definitely talking about Eminem being white and hate crimes are based on liberal thought police policies in order to add penalties onto real crimes that are already on the books like assault, battery, armed robbery, etc.

One user got real and said “It was a hate crime to watch it.”

Full metal Communist went full metal crazy tweeting “the crowd was the loudest when eminem was performing lmfao. i was so mad”

One user chastised the tweet. “Stop bringing division and work on helping people….like the great man Bob Woodson does. Or the young King Randall with X Boys. What does this tweet accomplish?”

One user agreed that it was a hate crime.

“oh nah that most definitely is”

Pull My Pinkie (who names these people?) who simply could not live with herself until she slobbered all over Dre tweeted her righteous indignation.

“Not right, not right at all. I’m a Cali girl and I was up on my feet as soon as I saw Dre. Not to mention Eminem was Dre’s progeny…NOT the other way around! C’mon people! Be better! Damn!”

I bet this Twitter thread was more entertaining than the Super Bowl commericals.

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