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Tick Tock Lefties – DOJ Activity Implies US Attorney John Durham Is Preparing Indictments [VIDEO]

Early on in my life, someone told me, good things come to those who wait. I wish they would have continued, And to those who don’t, things tend to go wrong”. Millions of us have been patiently waiting for those involved in the “Russian Hoax” to be brought to justice. Well after 3 plus years we are still anxiously hoping that AG Barr’s DOJ, using Special Prosecutor John Durham’s report, to bring down the hammer.

On the bright side, there is news coming out of well-connected reporters, like John Solomon, who are seeing a lot of activity in DC which could lead to indictments filed before the November elections.

Top investigative reporter John Solomon says there is a “lot of activity” in U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation of the Obama administration’s investigation of the now-debunked claims of Trump-Russia collusion throughout the 2016 election.  The whole thing can be summed up to interfering in an election.  That’s ironic, because Obama, Susan Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest went on nonstop about how serious it is to have an election interfered with.

“My sources tell me there’s a lot of activity. I’m seeing, personally, activity behind the scenes of the Justice Department,” Solomon said on Tuesday, adding that Durham’s team “is trying to bring those first indictments, and I would look for a time around Labor Day to see the first sort of action by the Justice Department.”

Solomon insisted that he is “seeing a lot of activity consistent with building prosecutions and preparing for criminal plea bargains,” but also acknowledged that none of this may lead to anything.

“That doesn’t mean it’ll happen,” Solomon said. “Until someone signs and until they bring them before the grand jury. You never know if it’s going to happen.”

Solomon said he is hearing from defense lawyers and people “on the prosecution side” that complications with the coronavirus pandemic are “slowing down” the grand jury process.

“But everything I’m seeing on the ground, real reporting, suggests that there’s an ongoing criminal investigation intent on bringing indictments and possibly some plea bargains. The first action, the first evidence of it in the public will probably be around Labor Day. That’s an awfully long time to wait, but I do see activity that looks like they’re building a criminal case right now,” he said.

As a conservative I would love to have the indictments drop before the elections, helping the GOP, but in the end, I want convictions. If this means we need to wait until early next year for ironclad charges, then let it be. Justice is in the balance as the world is watching to see if the US successfully brings to justice those involved in the largest coup d’etat in American history.

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