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Attacking Trump

Throwing the Race Card While ‘White Knighting’ on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, People are Super Mad

In being “White Knights” for the minority community, who may have in reality voted for President Donald J. Trump, the Wisconsin Supreme Court delivered a devastating blow to the American Republic, rejecting an opportunity to defend Civil Liberty for all Americans, in favor of denying Trump’s legal team to assess the number of legal votes the state used.

White Knights rush to the aid of minorities, to not evaluate ballots even when minorities voted for Trump, claiming it is racist to look at handwriting samples and addresses. That begs why officer holders believe that minorities can not write or live in a house.

And people are angry. Angry enough to make threats.

“Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Brian Hagedorn recently told the NYT about receiving “dark messages” by angry Trump supporters telling him that he should be tried for treason by a military tribunal,” reporters said this week.

President Donald J. Trump worked hard for his support in minority communities and also received historic support from minorities, yet, the left is using their protection of minority communities as cover for allegedly stealing an election. That should infuriate minorities to be used like that.

Instead the media is concerned over the feelings of officer holders.

Law and reported, “Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack issued a rare Christmas Day statement decrying concerning comments throttled toward at the judiciary, including “threats of actual or proposed violence.” The statement comes on the heels of a narrow 4 to 3 decision earlier this month which shot down election litigation launched by President Donald Trump. Though Roggensack was part of the dissent (and, therefore, ruled in favor of Trump), she was apparently not interested in standing idly by as her fellow justices were menaced for ruling against the president.”

The people are angry, and there is a history full of data that tells power-seekers how not to anger the masses, yet in the case of the 2020 Presidential election, they don’t seem to have any control over their overt power grabs.


If the problem of vote fraud was an issue since at least 2018, consider how important this story is:

“Justice Jill Karofsky pulled off a surprising upset in April when she defeated incumbent conservative Justice Daniel Kelly in a highly anticipated election for ideological control of the state’s high court, even after President Trump personally endorsed the latter for the position,” Law and Crime reported.

It is almost as if it was all planned out.

Consider what is going on over in Georgia, the ultimate White Knight:


“Karofsky called out Trump campaign attorney James Troupis during a hearing on Saturday, saying that the campaign’s attempt to only invalidate the results in two largely minority populated counties “smacks of racism.” Karofsky joined a 4-3 majority against Trump’s ballot challenges on Monday.”

So, Democrats discredited Trump’s attempt to count legal votes, to protect the over 74 Million votes he represents, as “racist” which has been a highly successful rally cry for corruption by the power-seeking officeholders on the left.


The WI court’s conservative bloc of justices was more receptive to the campaign’s allegations, lambasting the majority’s holding that most of the claims were barred by laches; Justice Annette Ziegler calling it an “abdication of constitutional duty.”

“The majority’s failure to act leaves an indelible stain on our most recent election. It will also profoundly and perhaps irreparably impact all local, statewide, and national elections going forward, with grave consequence to the State of Wisconsin and significant harm to the rule of law,” Justice Rebecca Bradley similarly wrote.  “Petitioners assert troubling allegations of noncompliance with Wisconsin’s election laws by public officials on whom the voters rely to ensure free and fair elections. It is our solemn judicial duty to say what the law is. The majority’s failure to discharge its duty perpetuates violations of the law by those entrusted to administer it.”

Yet the Left persists in resisting the Presidential authority of President Donald J. Trump, who is a duly elected President. We know that Trump didn’t have to cheat to register at least 74 million votes.

Trump tweeted earlier in the week about Hagedorn, who won on Trump’s endorsement, like so many other GOP power-seekers who never really supported Trump’s populist agenda for Amerca. The left “White Knights” to rescue minorities and the right to seek power and plays dead, refusing to defend its founding principles. The anger of the population can not come as a surprise to the officer seekers.

White Knight are aided by the right, who lay down and play dead.

Trump is a champion of the people, allowing Americans not to be victims, and the left keeps playing the same old race card over and over again, claiming minorities are so inferior they can’t be held up to standards lie legible handwriting or knowing their home address. So- If “racism” was ever solved in America, where would the left get their cover to overthrow the Republic and take all of the power and cash and prizes for themselves as they hold office?

Could that messaging be making people mad?

Because while “White Knights” may make some ears tingle… it doesn’t put food on the table, or money in the bank, or happiness in the hearts of their family members.

When people have had enough of the feel-good White Knighting, we may get somewhere for the country. Certainly, someone can point out that minorities certainly are smart enough and capable enough to know their names and their home address and write in English.

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