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Three Woman Beat Grandmother In NYC For ‘Being White’ Supporting Trump

What’s killing me about this story is the absolute lack of coverage.

What’s killing me about this story is the absolute lack of coverage.

Police are currently searching for three women (seen in the video below) but the major media outlets won’t touch this story. I suspect it’s because the victim is a white Trump supporter.

Jill LeCroix, a 57-year-old grandma of five, was left bleeding after she was blitzed by three black women July 9 while riding the city bus — an attack being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force.

“Before they hit me, the girl with the green hair said, ‘You probably like Trump! Don’t you?’ LeCroix said in an interview with NYP. “I said, ‘I love him.’ I didn’t see which one hit me first.

“The one with the green hair, she was saying she hates white people, the way they talk, hates white skin, the way their skin cracks. Saying she was gangsta,” said the bartender, who was headed to visit her mother at the time.

“I was the only white person on the bus. By the time we started passing St. John’s Cemetery on Woodhaven, she started in on me, saying, ‘That’s where I’m going to bury you!’

LeCroix also told the outlet that the women were bragging about ‘kicking a baby stroller’ when they first got on the bus before turning their focus in on her.

In response to the incident, Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar scheduled a press conference at the site of the assault to condemn the alleged hate crime.

“We stand together to condemn hate crimes of any form,” Rajkumar said. “Hate based on someone’s race, religion or ethnic background is un-American. As New Yorkers, we embrace difference.”

Rajkumar continued, “As Americans, we know that we are all in this together, sharing a collective destiny. No matter your background, you should be safe on the streets and in public transportation.”

The statement continued with an almost laughable twist:

“Public safety remains my top priority. I am working with Mayor Eric Adams, our police, and community partners to bring an end to rising crime, including the 100% increase in hate crimes,” Rajkumar added.

Adams, the mayor who continually turns criminals back on the streets and has the nerve to say he’s ‘shocked’ about the rise in crime.

Daniel Baldwin
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