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Three Radical Left White Women who Have Destroyed Their Lives for BLM

Americans are beginning to notice that many of the most violent, most dedicated people for the unraveling of the United States by a Marxist movement meant to empower Black People are far-left radical left White Women, and some of them are allowing themselves to be gravely injured or commit heinous crimes to promote their obsession with Black Lives Matter and defunding local police departments.

The name “Party of Riots and Ruin” has at least three women who have destroyed their lives for their love of riots, one with a lengthy criminal record, one who was hit by a motorist along with another woman who was killed, and one who neglects her children to attend riots, where she was shot in the face.

All three women rush to return to rioting, even after experiencing major setbacks in their lives, they are so dedicated to rioting and being violent to the police. Something that seems to unite them is that each of their stories exposes the fact that many of these White Women don’t actually know many if any,  Black Americans at all- they may be in the fight for BLM because they like the power of fighting.

“I was inspired to use not only my voice but also my body, to defend our First Amendment right to protest and send a clear message that Black lives are worth fighting for,” wrote Kristen Jessie Uyanik in a Facebook post, after being shot in the head with a Rubber bullet during a riot. She plans to return to riots.

“Seattle, I’ve got news for you! The protests never ended! YOU may have stopped showing up but we are still out here fighting for our black and brown allies! Please join us in OUR STREETS, we need all the support we can get!” said Diaz Love lying in a hospital bed paralyzed after being hit by a car while blocking a freeway in Seattle. “If you can’t put your body next to a Black or brown person on the streets, then don’t you dare think about being an ally,” Love said.

Caryn Sadaro was arrested after numerous mental health breakdowns and arrests, only to be arrested again in Denver earlier in July. She has an activist lifestyle.


Bryson Gray is an activist who was at a rally in North Carolina on Sunday and commented about the number of White Women, who attended a BLM counterprotest to a Pro- Police rally:

A video that went viral shows White Women attacking police in Los Angeles:

A viral video of young White Women attacking the police in New York:



According to her Facebook page, Uyanik is a 41 year old Mom of three with “old white woman with immense privilege”. Uyanik wrote about her experience at a riot, saying:

“I put my phone back in my pocket, pulled my safety goggles down from where they sat on my helmet to cover my eyes, inserted a pair of earplugs, and locked arms with the women next to me. I remember some confetti had been launched on the far right side of us. I could hear a marching band playing in the intersection to our left. I didn’t notice anything in particular happening around me or in front of me in those moments. I was looking around, looking forward, and taking it in,” she wrote.

“At the hospital, my CAT scan showed no brain damage or skull injury, but it did reveal a “foreign substance” all over my forehead and even in one of my eyes. The doctors couldn’t see it, but they pointed out the appearance of tiny fragments that had pierced my skin, like gravel but there was no gravel to recover. I received 7 stitches, some pain medication, and sent home, with advice to follow up with an eye doctor. One nurse also advised me to file a police report,” she wrote, describing a very disturbing situation.

Then she ended with a plea for people to be like her, and get involved. by ending with:

“If you really want to help, I would ask that you find ways to participate in or support the BLM movement. Donate to volunteer medical services, or organizations supporting protesters. Sign petitions, speak out. Support Black-owned businesses and support Black moms and dads, who have been part of the Wall of Moms for generations and continue to fight.”

She is a hero to white aging radicals, however, she is still viewed as not having done enough for Blacks by some activists:


Sodaro is 55-year-old career activist with a long criminal record. She has numerous criminal charges against her.

According to local Denver News, “The woman arrested for assault during the dueling pro and anti-police rallies at Civic Center Park Sunday afternoon is accused of grabbing the victim by the hair and throwing her to the ground, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by 9NEWS on Friday.

Caryn Sodaro, 55, faces an assault charge for the incident, which the affidavit says left the unidentified victim with a bloody nose and scraped knee.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation records show she was arrested as recently as late May for a curfew violation during the Black Lives Matter protests, and the Associated Press reports that she spent multiple weeks in jail for pleading guilty to making anonymous suicidal calls to emergency crews in Weld County while working as a volunteer firefighter.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) records, over the past 10 years Sodaro has pleaded guilty to bribery, attempting to influence a public servant, trespassing, obstructing a police officer, and misdemeanor assault.”

Here Sodaro is shining a Lazer in the eyes of Police officers Sunday night.

She has a long criminal past.


Love is 32 years old and barely escaped violence in Seattle late in June at a different riot, and was hit while dancing on a Freeway in Seatle, blocking traffic with their bodies.

Diaz possibly is paralyzed, can’t wait to get back to activism.

She plans to return to rioting:

“As soon as I get out of here and get in a … wheelchair, I’m going to be on the marches with you,” Love told the crowd.

Love, of Portland, Oregon, suffered a traumatic brain injury, a shattered pelvis and tailbone, a broken arm, and three fractures to a leg. Love said the recovery from the injuries is expected to be a long one.

Here is Diaz doing Community Organizing from her hospital bed telling people her ideas for more riots and marches:

The woman Diaz Love was with, Summer Taylor, died from her injuries and their protests on the highway caused the disaster for an East African man, who now faces legal fees and federal criminal charges, for driving on the highway.

Even while lying in pain, Love can not stop thinking of joining more protests and riots.

Love had previously been involved with the violent death of a young Black man in Seattle. So,that is two black men whose lives are destroyed by BLM organizing and rioting.

This is footage of the night Love was struck, and Summer was killed.

That East African man who didn’t know the Highway was shut down for people to dance in the streets.

Three White Women who love rioting and two Black Men destroyed. That is the tragic tale of the “Summer of Love”, Radical liberal White Women throw away a lifestyle people cross oceans to get.

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