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Attacking Trump

Three GOP-Controlled Legislatures Announce Election Fraud Public Hearings Are Scheduled

Jenna Ellis, an attorney on the Trump legal team, said that 3 key battleground state are going to hold special hearings on the practicality of the presidential election results.

In those states, as in others, we have seen massive voter fraud allegations, in affidavits signed upon penalty of perjury, and we have witnessed the Executive branch and state Judiciaries violating laws as Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution stipulates that state legislatures have sole power over election laws.  When these other two branches began changing election laws, in most cases to make it an unfair playing field for Republicans, they did so without any authority, and the legislatures have the absolute right to hold hearings on the matter.

Ellis released a statement outlining what the hearings from the key states would emcompass.

“The first hearing, held by the Pennsylvania State Senate, will be conducted tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th, in Gettysburg, PA, where each participating Senator will give a five-minute opening statement followed by testimony from witnesses who have filed affidavits attesting to 2020 election fraud,” read the statement.

We can expect ANTIFA and other leftist radical crazy groups showing up to interrupt the hearings, and the tyrant Governor Wolf, will do nothing to protect them.

In my state of Pennsylvania, the president was leading by almost 700,000 votes by midnight Election Day.  Democrats created over a million votes over the next 24 hour timeline to steal the Pennsylvania election from Pennsylvania voters who overwhelmingly voted to reelect Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer who is spearheading his legal team, will give a presentation.

“It’s in everyone’s interest to have a full vetting of election irregularities and fraud,” Giuliani said. “And the only way to do this is with public hearings, complete with witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of illegalities from the November 3rd election.”

Expect the media to cry foul, because who do these people think they are to question the election results that propelled Joe Biden, the degenerate crime family boss, from winning the state of Pennsylvania?

The statement also revealed that Arizona will hold its public hearing on the election results on Monday, November 30, and that Michigan’s will take place  is on Tuesday, December 1st.

Imagine the hysteria to come from the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world, with news anchors who have coffee mugs on their desk with corporate logos screaming like banshees about how Donald Trump is trying to steal the election and undermine our democracy.  The usual suspects in the media will fan the flames for street riots across the country, when it is they who colluded with the Democratic Party to pull off one of the largest voter fraud scams in American history.  The mainstream media pushed all the tactics created by the Democratic Party help them to do things to harm Trump’s reelection chances, and it began on Trump’s inauguration day back in 2017.

Many mainstream media networks declared Biden the winner based on projections from state and local vote counts, and Trump has refused to concede until after his legal challenges.  It is his right to challenge the results, especially when the world has witnessed election fraud in videos where GOP vote count observers were either blocked from entering vote count centers  or forced to stand so far away they couldn’t see anything on a ballot.  Videos also came out showing political operatives carrying bags and boxes of ballots into the counting centers without any formal chain of custody ceremonies or signatures.  The whole thing was a sham, and yet the coconspirators in the media continue to say there isn’t an ounce of evidence to show voter fraud.

Recently, the Trump legal team made a benign statement clarifying that attorney Sidney Powell was not a part of the president’s legal team and was practicing law on her own.  Powell is filing a massive lawsuit in the state of Georgia on Wednesday where she claims to have enough evidence from her own investigations to prove massive voter fraud in that state.  She claims when you remove the fraudulent votes Trump won Georgia in a landslide.

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