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Three Car Thieves Start Shooting At Neighbor Who Confronts Them Only To Be Surprised When He Starts Firing Back

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Remember the days when if you caught a petty thief in the middle of the act and you shouted at him to get the heck out of there, chances were he’d run away for fear of getting caught? Remember the days when two people could get into an argument and the worst that would happen is a fist fight would break out?

Well, those days are now over as the typical scum of the earth punk thieves now think they have the right to go after you when you call them out and so you better be careful before you step up to do the right thing, because low life punks these days are out to hurt you or worse.

That is exactly what happened near downtown East Houston over the weekend. Someone stepped up to do the right thing and it almost cost him his life.

According to KTRK-TV, a resident of the neighborhood said that three young guys broke into a car near Capitol and Nagle Streets, and he wanted to do the right thing for his neighbors so he got into his truck and drove to where the three punks were stealing the car.

“I start honking to tell him I know they’re breaking into that car,” the neighbor said.

He told the outlet that he didn’t want to be identified, and who could blame him. These days street thugs go out to find you and attack you at your home.

“At that point, they turn back, and I did the same thing to light up the street,” the neighbor added.

He then said that when he got about halfway down the block, that’s when things started to turn really ugly, like deadly ugly.

“They pull out guns and start shooting,” the man told the outlet.

KTRK reported that the guy told them that another neighbor witnessed what was going on and called the police prior to when the scumbags started firing their weapons.

But that day the three thugs picked the wrong guy to screw with, because the man they thought was only good for honking his horn and shouting at them surprised the three when he pulled out his own gun and began shooting back at them. That is exactly what the Second Amendment is for.

“I can’t believe all three of these kids had guns … and are willing to kill someone,” he told the outlet. That’s what happens to a society when you it no longer values life. Here we had three young men who were breaking into a car and then started shooting at someone with the intent to kill him. No value for life.

The neighbor told the outlet they “were so aggressive coming at me,” he said, adding, “they chased me all the way down the street to the walking trail.” What kind of people would do that? They really wanted to kill this guy over a car that didn’t belong to them.

The neighbor then said to the outlet, “I pull[ed] out my own gun [and] returned fire.”

According to the outlet, no one got shot although at least one vehicle did get hit by bullets.

It is still unknown if the suspects were identified or arrested as of this writing.

Now you know why people don’t get involved. There is a new breed of street thug running the ugly streets of downtown America. They think they have the right to do anything. They have no regard for human life. They have no regard for private property. They are like animals.

This is why communities can he held captive by a small group of thugs who commit crimes in their neighborhoods and when the police come by to ask neighbors what they saw they always say they didn’t see a thing, because the thugs also live in those neighborhoods and they know who you are.

While violent crimes like this are on the rise in this country, the Democratic Party wants to take away your right to own a gun so that you can protect yourself, your family, and your property. If you want to make things change, then you have to change the way you vote. If you voted Democrat your whole life and you feel like you’re oppressed, then the message I have for you is you can’t call it oppression if you keep voting for it. Republicans believe law-abiding citizens have the right to own a firearm for protection. They also do not believe in defunding police. They believe in law and order and would never put up with animals controlling your neighborhoods.


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