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Attacking Trump

‘Threat To Democracy’: Deep State Portal CNN Sound Alarm Over Conservatives Leaving Twitter, Facebook.

People who lie eventually slip up when things start to go outside their plans.

Marxists who seek to control the medical, educational, and media industries, need the population as a whole to use all of the aforementioned services in their pursuit of creating dependence and loyalty to the state.

So when you look at CNN, a lying Marxist promoting propaganda information outlet, they react to anything which pulls the population away from the approved messaging.

For example, why should CNN care what social media platforms Trump supporters use?

In a segment this week discussing how the political Right is handling the results of the 2020 presidential election, CNN reporter Pamela Brown suggested that it was a “threat to democracy” that people were turning away from dominant social media platforms like Facebook and signing up to be on more pro-free speech platforms and sites.

Crying Brian Stelter who bemoaned smaller conservative news channels garnering more viewership in recent weeks as Trump world has clashed with Fox News over some of the network’s recent coverage weighed in.

“I think, big picture, Pamela, here is the concerning trend line here. People are going more and more into their own echo chambers, more into their own bubbles, especially Trump voters,”

“There’s this new social media app, called Parler, getting a lot of attention. Because conservatives are leaving, saying they’re leaving Twitter and Facebook, going off to Parler because they believe Parler is a safer space for them.”

“What we’re seeing is even more of a bunker mentality in right-wing media,” Stelter continued. “Ultimately, that’s not good for the country.”

“No, it is not good,” Brown responded. “It is a threat to democracy that these people are in echo chambers and they’re getting fed a diet of lies essentially.”

So there you have it folks.

CNN wanted their viewers to believe they are concerned about democracy so much that it is dangerous for anyone to use a different social media platform like Parler, Spreely, or MagaBook.Com, as these users will not be exposed to the truth, like CNN, is broadcasting.

No, they are alarmed that millions of Americans will not longer be exposed to the collective’s messaging making it more difficult to control the masses.

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