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Thousands Gather to Worship in Portland and Seattle in Response to Violent Protests

Thousands of Christians gathered together over the weekend to worship in Portland and Seattle, two cities in America that have seen great violence, destruction, and chaos at the hands of Antifa and other violent groups in response to the killing of George Floyd in May.

The worship events were organized and led by Sean Feucht, a California-based worship leader who began hosting “Let Us Worship” events in July after California banned singing in church as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. Thousands have joined his events on the beaches of California – and now in the cities of Portland and Seattle – to do nothing but worship.

Feucht turned his attention to Portland and Seattle specifically because of the violent protests that those cities have seen in the past few months. He is tagging these events “Riot to Revival” in belief that the chaos can be turned into a spiritual awakening.

Feucht estimated that anywhere between 4,000 and 7,000 people worshipped together in Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night.

“We gathered together – white, black, Hispanic – we came, we released our song of hope over the city,” Feucht told Fox News in a Sunday morning interview.

Salvations, baptisms, and healings have been reported at every worship event over the past month, and Portland proved no different. “People gave their lives to Jesus, we baptized people in the river,” Feucht reported. “It was so much joy that took over the streets of that city last night.”

On Sunday, Feucht traveled to Seattle to worship in Cal Anderson Park, where earlier this summer protestors had set up an autonomous zone (which has since been dismantled) known as CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest).

Hundreds of Christians gathered at the event in Seattle to worship, where it’s being reported that there was fierce opposition from Antifa and other counter-protestors.

“Violent protestors showed up flashing knives!” wrote Feucht on Instagram after the event. “We had an entire satanic cult march through the worshippers the entire time yelling, ‘Hail Satan!'”

Counter-protesters harassed worshippers for not wearing masks, encroached on the stage to the point where church members stepped in as body guards for the worship leaders, and attempted to shout above the noise of the worshipping throng.

I grew up forty miles outside of Seattle, where much of my family still resides. They asked their church members to join them at Cal Anderson Park for the Riots to Revival event.

My brother told me that at one point, the speakers cut out, but the crowd continued singing. Counter-protesters tried to drown out the singing voices, but the volume of the worshippers was too much.

“You could tell that they were getting tired,” my brother said of the counter-protesters. “It was taxing on them to try and make their voice heard because the church was just so present there and loud.”

My dad, a local pastor and former police officer with the King County Sheriff’s Department, witnessed several Antifa members intimidate and harass worshippers in attendance in an attempt to get a violent response.

“The response from worshippers was awesome,” my dad told me, “praying for these guys, never assaultive, inviting them to join, etc.” But the agitators “just wanted to yell, agitate, disrupt, and try to draw attacks by worshippers (which never came).”

A counter-protester live-streamed the event himself and said, “The more I yell at them, the more fun they f***ing have. This s*** is ridiculous.”

Local media is reporting this event largely focusing on the fact that many worshippers were not wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

“When I was out at the protests for Black Lives Matter, I didn’t get much backlash from not wearing a mask,” Morgan Daughtridge, a worshipper from Washington, D.C., told Kiro-7. “But now that I’ve been out at worship events, I do get more backlash on not wearing a mask.”

“The time for courageous Christianity is here,” Feucht posted to Instagram this morning. “No more backing down and fleeing for the suburbs. Jesus is coming for the hardest parts of our cities and He’s jealous for praise, love and salvation to fill the streets.”

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