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Thousands Gather: “largest prayer meeting in front of the Supreme Court since Roe v Wade” says Worship Leader

A crowd of Christians gathered in the rain on the steps of the Supreme Court today to pray for the end of abortion.

A crowd of Christians gathered in the rain this morning on the steps of the Supreme Court to pray for the end of abortion in America.

The prayer meeting began at 10 AM EST this morning as the kickoff to a full day of events leading up to a large worship gathering on the lawn of the National Mall this afternoon.

Event organizer Sean Feucht called it “the largest prayer meeting in front of the Supreme Court since Roe V Wade”, citing an unnamed pro-life activist at the event.

While the entire event is expected to draw a crowd of 15,000 this afternoon, there have been no numbers reported of how many attended the prayer meeting at the Supreme Court this morning.

Today’s rainy weather in DC doesn’t seem to have discouraged the crowds. They have gathered together in raincoats and umbrellas. Yesterday, Sean Feucht told a crowd that took Communion together that rain wouldn’t stop the event.

“We are not worried about rain,” Feucht announced yesterday, with a response of cheers from the crowd. “No one cares! It’s gonna be fine! The show must go on. We’ve worshipped in 45 cities. If you think we’re gonna stop because of a little rain, you don’t know this crew. So we’re gonna be fine. In fact, the rain may even make it more fun.”

Sean Feucht is a California-based worship leader who has been leading “worship protests” in dozens of cities across the nation since July. The movement started as a response to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 order that banned singing in churches.

Feucht’s spiritual leadership in a time of great national crisis has attracted the praise of Christian leaders like Franklin Graham, as well as the ire of city officials. Many have criticized the events for not emphasizing the importance of social distancing and wearing face masks.

Feucht has been quick to point out the hypocrisy of criticisms against worship gatherings when other protests have been given the thumbs-up. He has also claimed that no one has caught COVID at his events.

Worship will begin on the National Mall at 4 PM EST. You can livestream the event on YouTube by clicking here.

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