For the first time since 2010, Maryland loses its No. 1 spot.

In a survey conducted over the past 12 months by  Phoenix Marketing International’s households with assets over 1 million have jumped up by over 534,000 since 2006.

“David Thompson, managing director for the report, added that the “7 percent rise in millionaire householdsOpens a New Window. in 2018 is the strongest rate of growth in that market since the financial downturn ten years ago.”

He added that overall growth in capital markets in 2018 clearly “lifted many more households into the millionaire ranks” but noted that the most interesting part about this year’s data is the sharp rise in millionaires within D.C.”

Interesting that the top states with the most millionaires are Democrat states with liberal agendas.

1.  New Jersey

Ratio of millionaires to total households: 8.95 percent

2. District of Columbia

8.94 percent

3. Connecticut

8.89 percent

4. Maryland

8.85 percent

5. Massachusetts

8.60 percent

6. Hawaii

8.48 percent

7. New Hampshire

7.98 percent

8. California

7.78 percent

9. Alaska

7.71 percent

10. Virginia

7.66 percent

The Democrat Party is consistently painting the picture that Republican’s are the rich and elite.  But it is just the opposite. You have Democrat elites like Bloomberg and Soros funding RESIST movements that promote hate, divisiveness and terrorist acts on Americans that don’t think like them. You also have Tom Steyer promoting the impeachment of President Trump. His accusations are unsupported and are designed to plot the American people against their president.

Clearly, the Democrat-rich are getting richer. While homelessness in their states grows to an all-time high. With California, New York, and Massachusetts topping the charts.

The next time you hear the Democrats complaining about the rich, know how hypocritical they are.

UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti

Source: This state now has the most millionaires per capita than any other