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Third State Starts Busing Illegal Aliens to Washington

Arizona is becoming the third state to send its illegal aliens to Washington DC by bus. The sheer number of illegal aliens who are using Joe Biden’s open borders. The influx is crippling to their state and local budgets and Americans can get shut out from programs once it is all spent on the illegals. The bus trip of thousands of miles is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as supplying them with housing, food, and other necessities.

Texas has already transported over 900 illegals and Florida has been sending their illegals as well. Democrats in Washington love illegal aliens as long as they don’t have to associate with them on a regular basis. Just the other day, Jill Biden looked out an Oval office window and said, “The peasants are revolting.” Joe answered, “They certainly are.”

From The Gateway Pundit

In protest of “Biden’s reckless decision to end Title 42 expulsions,” Governor Abbott directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management to charter buses to transport migrants from Texas border communities to Washington, DC.

“Since the launch of Operation Lone Star, multi-agency efforts have led to more than 246,000 migrant apprehensions, along with more than 15,000 criminal arrests — and more than 12,400 felony charges. Over 4,800 weapons and over $38 million in currency have been seized. In the fight against fentanyl, DPS has seized over 344 million lethal doses throughout the state,” Governor Abbott said in a statement on Friday.

Kari lake, the frontrunner for the nomination for governor of Arizona says that deportation and not transportation of illegals is needed. She pledges to finish the wall and defend our homeland.

I think it’s kind of cute that they’re sending these buses around the country, but let’s face it, when we send a busload of illegal aliens into Washington, DC, they’re still our problem. We’re going to send them back across the border. We’re going to give them safe passage back across the border, but they’re not staying in Arizona, and we’re not going to allow them to be shipped to the other states either.

There is no word yet on when Arizona Gov Doug Ducey will begin the transportation of illegals.

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