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‘They Want To Stifle Dissent’: DeSantis Declares War Against Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’ At DHS

Those of you who are familiar with the book or Movie 1984 will remember that they too had a ministry of truth and for exactly the same reason. The truth would hurt the totalitarian government in charge of the country. Even though many of the conservative justices have voted with the liberals, many times, I don’t believe any of them would vote for the ministry of the truth other than John Roberts who was appointed by RINO George W Bush.

As you might expect, Ron Desantis not only rejected the idea, but he also was spot on with the reason why Biden was pushing this unconstitutional initiative because the Democrats are trying to kill dissent. The truth dies under Democrats. The average American should be very afraid of this attempt by Democrats to kill free speech. It is their answer to Elon Musk buying Twitter. Make no mistake about that.

DeSantis said:

“You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country. And so let’s get real here. We’re not gonna let Biden get away with this one, so we will be fighting back.”

“They now have an idea – and I honestly thought this was a belated April Fool’s joke – but they are actually going to create in the Department of Homeland Security a Bureau of Disinformation. It’s basically a Ministry of Truth. And what they want to do is, they want to be able to put out false narratives without people being able to speak out and fight back.”

“They want to be able to say things like ‘Russia collusion’ and perpetuate hoaxes and then have people like us be silenced. They want to be able to advocate for COVID lockdowns, they want to be able to advocate for school closures, things that are not supported by the evidence. But then when you speak out, they want to stifle dissent. And so we reject this bureau in the state of Florida.”

This kind of program could not have been proposed years ago when Democrats could still feel shame, but once you do away with your conscience, anything is possible.

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