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There’s A Dirty Little Secret the Dems Are Trying to Keep Quiet

They don’t want you to know this!

The Democrat Party’s talking point for this week is that members of the gun lobby are despicable human beings. Nevertheless, there’s something they’re desperately attempting to keep a secret for fear that it would expose their ruse.

The leaders of the Democrat Party were making robocalls in support of Democrat Representative Henry Cuellar on the day of the shooting, just ten days after the terrible occurrence that had taken place in Buffalo. The congressman from South Texas who has an “A” rating from the NRA and is pro-life.

In the wake of the leak of the Supreme Court draft and two mass killings, the leadership of the Democrats was financing robocalls for a candidate who supported both gun rights and is pro-life.

Think about that, and then consider all of the rhetoric that we’ve been forced to deal with from them over the past few weeks.

Cuellar was facing a primary challenge from the candidate for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the far left, Jessica Cisneros, which is the reason why the robocalls were made.

The robocalls pushed Cuellar over the edge…

After all of the left’s lecturing about the gun lobby and all of the attacks against pro-lifers, the Democrat House Election Committee is holding a rally to support a candidate who is pro-life.

At this point, it seems as though Cuellar will emerge victorious from the primary competition; but, AOC is trying to get involved.

The Democrat leadership rushed to Cuellar’s rescue because it is needed. Because of Biden’s immigration policy, the congressman’s district is turning red. Cuellar frequently appears on Fox News in an attempt to distance himself from the president.

The DNC understands that if Cisneros, who is backed by AOC, wins the primary, they won’t be able to maintain the district.

Keep this in mind the next time liberals try to argue with you about the 2nd Amendment and abortion rights.

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