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The 4js were invited to the White House in February 2019 by President Trump to celebrate National African American History month. We had a great time in Washington D.C. 

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The 4 J’s are Christain Conservative men that discuss politics, culture, and faith. Their discussions are LIVE and humorous.

Connect with Jay McCaney aka "The Christian Conservative

Connect with Jermain Botsio with Conservative Nation

Connect with The Mind of Jamal. Proud Black Conservative

Connect with Will Johnson Founder of Unite America First

Jay: I am a Christian Conservative that loves God and wants to put Christian values back in America.

Jermain: I have created a program called Conservative Nation which I talk about the disease of liberalism and how it has destroyed the families of America.

The Mind of Jamal: I am a black man who tells it like it is & doesn’t give a DAM about your feelings. Republican, conservative and proud and ain’t running or backing down. Raleigh NC

Will: I was a Democrat my entire life until I moved to the state of California where I saw what happens to a state under Democrat leadership. Now I work to inform Americans of the evil, lawless and divisive ways of the democrat party.