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The Writing is on the Wall…Cook Political Report Shifts Three Senate Races Toward Republicans

The democrats must be as nervous as a schoolgirl in a room full of Hunter Bidens. Even the left-leaning Cook Report has moved three Senate Races from leans Democratic to toss-up. The three states are Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

Those states are currently represented by former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly.

Warnock represents Georgia and Nevada is represented by Catherine Cortez-Masto. Biden won those states by less than 2.5 points.

President Joe Biden won Georgia by a little less than 12,000 votes, Arizona by less than 11,000, and Nevada by around 34,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election.

The Cook Report says that if there is a huge Republican swing in 2022 these three states are the most likely to fall first.

The Cook Report shows its usual bias in a statement:

“Republicans have a host of problematic candidates and messy primaries that could endanger their prime chance. Add in former President Trump’s continued meddling in the primaries and things get murkier for Republicans.”

Kelly defeated former Senator Martha McSally in a special election to fill the seat vacated by the passing of the late Senator John McCain in 2018.

The seat had been held by Jon Kyl immediately after McCain’s death. He retired in 2018 and McSally was appointed to finish his term but then lost the election to Kelly.

Kelly’s seat has long been considered in danger and the huge influx of illegal aliens has not made his position any more tenable.

Warnock defeated sitting Senator Kelly Loeffler in a special election to fill the seat, vacated by the retirement of Johnny Isakson in 2019.

Warnock is a radical leftist who faces a tough row to hoe as he will likely have to defend his seat against the popular Herschel Walker, who appears to be a runaway candidate in the primary for the Republican nomination.

Georgia has passed voter integrity laws that will make it harder for Democrats to win fairly and nearly impossible to win unfairly.

Masto has the best chance of holding on onto her seat in a state where anything goes and Democrats know how to win without necessarily having the most voters.


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