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The Unelected Antifa and BLM Bosses of Portland Have Put Police Lives in Danger

Antifa is following police officers home and then doxxing them.

In Portland, Ted Wheeler, whom antifa has allowed to keep the title as, you even though his only official duty is to run for mayor every four years, has decided to target the police for violence over some recent shootings. They are targeting them for violence by broadcasting their names and handing out pictures of their neighborhoods.

The police in Portland have already been demoralized and defunded by the city and ostracized by the city leaders, antifa. This is the last thing they need right now. The doxxers have followed the officers home and then use that to dox them.

The police union president, Sgt. Aaron Schmautz demanded the officer’s name from the latest police shooting be hidden:

“Transparency is very important,” said Sgt. Aaron Schmautz, president of the Portland Police Association. “It’s a vital cog in accountability. But when we see officers threatened before there’s any due process before the investigation has even gotten off the ground, people followed home, people having flyers put up in their neighborhood, family members being threatened, this isn’t about transparency. This is about utilizing an event to create chaos and threaten the safety of police officers. It’s just not acceptable. What’s very important is we work together to call out those actors, call out those people.”

From PJ Media

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) issued a statement on the doxxing of the cops in the previous two incidents (one on Tuesday and last Sunday, and the other on Wednesday):

PPB is currently investigating concerns related to doxing and threats to PPB members and/or their families related to recent officer-involved shootings. The investigation of possible doxing and threats raises safety concerns for officers involved in shootings. PPB has determined that there are credible security threats to officers involved in recent shootings and therefore, PPB is withholding the name of the involved member during the pendency of the doxing investigation. Once the investigation is completed, PPB will reassess the security threat and will release the name of the officer involved in the shooting when the threat no longer exists.

BLM claims that police hunt down Black men to shoot, no matter what the circumstances, Take the case of the shooting of  Patrick Kimmons. Before he was shot, he had shot two gangsters and refused to drop his weapon. The murder rate in Portland has climbed 144%.

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