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The Trump Bashing, Cringe Worthy DNC Kicked Off. Here’s the Highlights

Were you able to tune in and watch the Trump-bashing fest on the first day of the DNC? If you weren’t able to then you didn’t miss much. It was just another typical day of Trump Derangement.

Carefully Written Speeches

The speeches all felt very rehearsed, unauthentic, and delivered a united message that President Trump is not good for this country. They all echoed the same Democrat talking points that have been on replay on every single liberal media news outlet for the past four years. Bernie Sanders hit on Trump not believing in science and not supporting the climate change agenda. They all made allegations that President Trump failed to listen to doctors and that caused the COVID 19 virus to spread at devastating levels. Even though Fauci predicted in March that we would experience 1.6 to 2 million deaths this year and we are under 180,000 so far.

Their Queen Michelle Obama

The highlight of the night was Michelle Obama. Her speech has gone viral on all social media platforms. For some reason, the Democrat base loves and worships this woman. But her speech seemed to fall short of truths. First, she claimed that if we want to end this chaos in America then the Democrats need to vote for Biden like their life depended on it. But what people need to ask, is who are the authors of all this chaos? It isn’t President Trump and it isn’t conservatives, it’s 100 percent the left. It’s the progressive groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the young college students that have been brainwashed by their liberal professors, social media, and liberal news. And look where the chaos is happening, it’s happening in liberal cities. Where is social injustice happening the most? In liberal ran cities by liberal officials. Where has the virus spread the most and had the most deaths? In liberal ran states ran by liberal officials. And what party has caused the most turmoil in this country? Like the false allegations of collusion with Russia were an FBI Attorney is set to plead guilty for falsifying evidence to get a warrant. Or like the hearings against Kavanaugh of alleged sexual misconduct when he was in college. They were only later proven to be completely false. Or the entire impeachment fiasco created on the weakest argument that it couldn’t even get enough votes in the Senate.

At no point did we hear about any of Joe Biden’s policies or campaign promises. We were just told that he is what the country needs.

We did get a video of children in cages though. Although they failed to talk about the pictures of kids in cages came from when Obama was in office. They didn’t care then. they just care now because Trump is in office.

The truth is, the Democrats are the authors of deception. They create these elaborate situations and then blame Trump. They depend on the uninformed voter to believe what they say and not look at what they do.

While many praised the speech of Michelle Obama, many thought the first night of the DNC was boring.


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