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The Time John Fetterman Pulled a Gun on Innocent Black Man

Though you might not be too familiar with the name John Fetterman just yet, there is a good chance that you are aware of who he is.

In Pennsylvania, Fetterman is taking on Dr. Mehmet Oz in the race for the U.S. Senate. Fetterman appears to be the kind of guy you might see working in his yard just down the road from you if he lived nearby. He doesn’t even remotely resemble a politician. The majority of the time, he will be wearing an oversized sweatshirt when giving a speech.

They frequently encourage people to dress for success and the job they want, but I guess this guy missed that part of the training.

As of right now, Fetterman is still up in the polls. In one poll he is up by 4 points and another 13 points. I honestly don’t even understand how he is winning. He looks like he doesn’t care about becoming a senator and he is probably going to die soon. He isn’t in too good of shape. He had a stroke not that long ago and he seems to have a lot of trouble even talking now.

Oh, but that’s not all. Back when he was the Mayor of Braddock, he detained someone pointed a shotgun at him. What was the man doing? He was jogging. Honestly, it sounds VERY SIMILAR to what happened with Ahmaud Arbery. Get a load of this:

Armed with a shotgun, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman followed and confronted a man after hearing what he thought to be gunfire in the streets last weekend.

Fetterman told WTAE reporter Bob Mayo that he hurried to get his young son inside his home when he heard about a dozen gunshots that sounded like they came from an assault rifle around 4 p.m. Saturday on Parker Avenue.

Fetterman said he saw a man take off on foot, wearing a face mask and goggles. He thought the person might be associated with the gunfire, so he called 911 and got into his truck and pursued.

The only difference is that he didn’t shoot the man. But he did flash his shotgun at him.

Fetterman said he confronted the man in North Braddock in the area near the railroad trestle. He said he had a 20-gauge shotgun in his vehicle, and he brandished it when he caught up to the person and ordered him to stop, not knowing if the person was armed.

“I ordered him twice, ‘Just stay right there,’ and he refused. That’s when I felt like I needed to make sure because I didn’t know what was coming,” Fetterman explained, emphasizing the firearm was never aimed at Miyares. “I did remove a weapon from my car, but I did not point it at him. In fact, I didn’t even have a round chambered or the safety off.”

So, this guy also thinks that he is law enforcement and can just go hunt down some man not knowing anything about him or if he had done anything wrong.

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