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The Three Most Accurate 2016 Polls Now Showing Trump Surpassing 2016 Vote As Biden Slips Nearly Three Points.

Many including myself have been pointing out the similarities between 2016 and 2020.

Following the conventions, national polls reflected increasing leads for the democratic candidate, with some even ensuring their constituents that Hillary in 16 and Joe, 2020, a 90 percent chance of winning.

How accurate were they?

Just like in 2016, three of the most accurate polling companies are showing President Trump climbing and drops in support for Biden, just one week out from the election.

The daily IBD/TIPP tracking poll shows Joe Biden’s national lead over Donald Trump slipped nearly three points overnight, from seven to just 4.4 points.

“The latest Biden vs. Trump poll from IBD/TIPP suggests the race has become competitive with just one week to go,” IBD/TIPP reports. “President Donald Trump’s support has surpassed his 2016 share of the vote in the IBD/TIPP presidential poll update, while Vice President Joe Biden appears to have lost ground among some key groups.”

Currently, Biden enjoys 50.7 percent support, compared to Trump’s 46.3 percent.

“Trump’s 46.3% support is a new high-water mark in the IBD/TIPP presidential poll, topping his 46.1% vote share in 2016.”

It should be noted that Biden is running 2.5 points ahead of Hillary Clinton’s share of the 2016 vote.

The closest the race has gotten in this particular poll is Trump coming within 2.3 points a week ago. Since Biden had been maintaining a steady lead in the seven-point range. But now that we are three full days out of the final presidential debate, things appear to be tightening in Trump’s direction — at least for now.

Rasmussen, another one of the few pollsters who got 2016 correct, released a national poll Monday that has Trump leading by a single point, 48 to 47 percent. In this weekly tracking poll, Trump closed what had been a 12 point gap in just a few weeks.

The Trafalgar Group, the only company to predict Trump’s victories in MI, WI, PA in 16, is showing the president catching and winning in most of them again.

It’s going to me another nail bitter on November 3rd, but with things trending up for President Trump, could end up another long night for the far left.

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