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The Taliban Halts All Evacuee Flights Out of Afghanistan….Americans are Stuck


Joe Biden worked with the Taliban and in his addled state, he believed them to be trustworthy. But, at every turn, they rebuked his wishes. Now, they have stopped all evacuation flights.

They have been trying to get Taliban loyalists and sympathizers on flights out of the country.

They claim they are to get jobs and send money home to Afghanistan. Their ec0onomy is in the tank and they desperately need money.

I will make a prediction here on Christmas Day in 2021. I predict that Biden will send a ton of money to Afghanistan under the guise of foreign aid more humanitarian relief and a number of Americans will be flown out of the country in a classic quid pro-Joe deal.

Biden cannot pay ransom to the Taliban so it will be called foreign aid or humanitarian relief. They probably have Jen Psaki out buying the pallets as I am writing this.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Taliban has paused all evacuation flights out of Afghanistan due to a disagreement over who gets seats on the planes, NBC News reported Thursday.

The flights stopped two weeks ago after the Taliban began demanding seats be given to fighters and sympathizers so that they could go work in other countries and send money back, a congressional official and a source familiar with the matter told NBC.

Afghanistan’s economy is in tatters and millions of Afghans face starvation as temperatures become colder, the Associated Press reported. The Taliban has argued that because U.S.-chartered Qatar Airways flights, which travel between Kabul and Doha, operate in their airspace and airport, they are entitled to a certain number of seats, NBC reported.

Reports on the number of Americans differ, but the largest number of Americans left in Afghanistan is 14,000. That could buy a lot of Humanitarian aid.

Joe Biden continues to maintain that he did an amazing job in evacuating Afghanistan. He says he is willing to stake his reelection on it. And why not? He has nothing to lose.

He can never get reelected anyway, after the miserable job he has done as president.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lindy

    December 26, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    The Demon rats are the ones who did not want to abolish slavery as they are the ones who owned most of them

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