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The Swamp Upset At Trump Campaign Requests For Names of People Transporting Ballots and Locations of Where Ballots Are Stored and Counted.

What is going to decide the 2020 elections?

It should come down to who receives the most individual votes and for the presidency, who gets the most electoral college votes.

Until recently most voters on election day would get in line, go into a voting booth, get your an “I Voted” sticker, and then wait for the winners to be announced.

Now with the push for power and more people keeping an eye on fraud, it is confirmed voter fraud is taking place. Add into the mix, ballot harvesting (illegal in most states) and various courts allowing election laws to be modified, arbitrarily, using COVID-19 as the excuse, things will be very messy on election day and the weeks to follow.

The Trump team has created various mechanisms to monitor the processing of ballots looking for a fair election. Sometimes these extra steps to prevent fraud are not appreciated by local GOP officials, but in a national election, things must be standardized.

Here is one example how the left is trying to paint the Trump team as paranoid.

County Commissioner Gary Eichelberger, a Republican, called the request intrusive and said that responding might disrupt election administration in the Republican-leaning county of 253,000.

“Our responsibility is to protect the integrity and security of the election,” he told The Post on Saturday. “I don’t know if the Trump campaign understands that, but they’re asking to do our job as the board of elections. And that’s our job, not their job.” He said he’d never seen a request like it in 16 years as an election official.

The Trump Team expalining the reaon for their request.

A campaign spokeswoman, Thea McDonald, said the request was for “standard election transparency details.” She said the campaign had been in touch with other counties, “some of which transparently provided answers to these important, reasonable questions via less formal requests.”

“As part of the Trump campaign’s efforts to ensure a free and fair election, we have asked county clerks for information so that we can gain a detailed understanding of voting processes — and the similarities and differences that may exist in different jurisdictions,” McDonald said in an emailed statement.

The Washington Post‘s progressives’ spin.

The Trump campaign sought highly sensitive information about voting security measures in at least one Pennsylvania county this week, alarming the head commissioner, who said he wasn’t comfortable responding to the request.

In an email sent Tuesday and later reviewed by The Washington Post, the Trump campaign asked officials in Cumberland County for the names of people who transport ballots and voting machines once polls close, the names of people who have access to the ballots afterward, and the precise locations where the ballots are stored, including room numbers.

The bullet-point questionnaire, sent from a campaign volunteer’s Gmail account, also sought answers on more generic issues such as where ballots are counted and whether information is wiped from voting machines.

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