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The Supreme Court victory is a sign of things to come

Recently, the Supreme Court sided with religious liberty in New York by blocking a ruling by Andrew Cuomo that would limit the number of people allowed to attend in-church services. One of the heroes in this battle is new justice Amy Coney Barrett.

With Barrett on the court, I predict we can see many more victories like the recent one seen in New York. As terrifying as the thought of a Biden/Harris presidency is, Barrett really gives me hope for the future.

It’s no secret that if Biden and Harris occupy the White House in a few months, the world is going to drastically change. The economy is going to go downhill fast, the abortion industry will probably skyrocket, and millions of people will be adversely affected by the pending new administration’s handling of the pandemic.

However, President Trump has worked for the past four years to make a better America, and he’s greatly succeeded. His actions in the past few months have been to put leaders in place that can make an impact when he’s gone. 

When Barrett was confirmed as a Justice, I knew that she would make a huge difference for America. But with the looming Biden/Harris presidency, America is seeing just how important that confirmation was. If the confirmation would have been put off until Biden took office, a Democrat would surely be taking the seat. Churches in New York would be restricted right now if the decision was stalled. 

What America needs to do is stay united and continue to back our conservative leaders in power. We need to pray for them consistently so they can be encouraged and strengthened. The battle they are facing is an incredibly hard one. As voting decisions are made, ballots are recounted, and more and more decisions regarding right and wrong go to the Supreme Court, conservative politicians and Justices will be under massive fire from the left.

If they can stay strong and hold true to their conservative values, America has a chance of remaining the beautiful, free country that it currently is. Barrett underwent massive scrutiny from Democrats during her confirmation process. She was attacked and verbally abused yet she held her head high and defended herself, her family, and America.

Barrett has shown that she isn’t backing down from truth, and in the process is standing up for religious freedom and defeating the hypocrisy of these tyrannical governors running our country. 

It is incredible women like Barrett who will keep this country safe. People willing to stand up for this country and what she stands for are becoming few and far in between. But if we can take a page out of Barrett’s book and use her brave actions to fuel our own, no matter what Biden and Harris do, this country will not give into darkness.

The future may look bleak, but don’t be discouraged, friends. Let the religious freedom Supreme Court victory encourage you and serve as a reminder. There are still good people in this world, there are still brave people willing to stand up for freedom despite the consequences and repercussions.

This victory will be the first of many, despite whoever occupies the White House.

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