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Attacking Trump

The ‘Shy’ Voter for Trump may Rock the Election and Secretly Change the Tone of Everything

Bret Baier of Fox News admitted on Thursday that he had interviewed over twenty Democrats in Pennsylvania who admitted that they are planning on voting for President Donald J. Trump in a segment on his show about voting trends, and whether or not there is a group of secret Trump voters who are not answering polls correctly, quietly forming a secret base of voters that will surprise elections watchers by election day.

“The people I talked to, the Democrats who are voting for Trump and even some Republicans just do not want to talk about it, but I found Democrats who represent groups of Democrats who told me they were voting for Trump. I saw it with my own eyes,” Baier said.

One can almost imagine the number of voters, disgusted by what they seek the Democrat party become, but unable to say anything at all for fear of losing a job, or a spouse or a connection with their child, who plan to get their revenge at the voting booth, and never have to face the conseuences.

That is the “shy voter’ who doesn’t want anyone to know what they are doing.

The discussion of “Secret Trump Voter” or “Shy Voter” can not be a surprise to anyone who has watched current events and witnessed the violent rage and explosive revenge against Trump himself and his supporters. Supporters of Trump’s have had to face a number of assaults, including “cancel culture” and other forms of harassment. Late in August, a man was shot to death, “execution-style” and eyewitnesses said the man was killed for being a Trump supporter.

According to The Hill, the secret and shy voters are unusually quiet. Members of this sub-group don’t share their opinion at any time anywhere, oftentimes out of fear that if they do, they’ll face a load of trouble from an intolerant and emotionally driven opposition.

The Hill reported on CloudResearch who took a poll and found about the “shy voter.” Like the silent majority, it’s a huge group of people, and also like the silent majority, it’s primarily looking to vote for Trump in the coming election:

To test this theory, CloudResearch recently sampled American voters in search of what they term “shy voters.” Their results show that Trump supporters were “significantly more reluctant to share their opinions on phone surveys compared to Biden supporters.” Almost 12 percent of Republicans and nearly 11 percent of Independents, were also almost twice as likely to be reticent than Democrats (about 5 percent).

These seemingly small percentages could have major November implications. For illustration of roughly how big, look at 2016 exit polling.

In the last presidential election, 36 percent of voters were Democrats, while 33 percent were Republicans and 31 percent were Independents. Applying CloudResearch’s “shy voter” percentages to each group yields 9 percent of the electorate as not giving their true candidate preferences.

However, those roughly one in 11 reticent voters are not, as CloudResearch discovered, evenly distributed between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Instead, they run about 2-to-1 in Trump’s favor. On the net, they come out to around a 3 percent hidden “Trump bump.”

This may help to explain why the polling seems difficult to understand.

Democrats are not happy about the topic claiming it is not real, that there are Democrats who are going to vote for Trump.

There is evidence in more than one place that we should expect the actual turn out for November to be much different than what the media is leading us to believe it will be in a Biden “landslide”.

It might really be the “meak” who change the entire election.

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