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The Roots Of COVID Domination Seen As Shanghai Locks People In Disneyland For Testing

Americans are facing tactics of foreign-tyrannical governments, as the Joe Biden administration flexes its “Contol muscle” and demands free citizens to submit to the dominance of an out of control Federal Government. Here is a story about where the Democrats seem to get their inspiration on asserting their will. It is from people who practice something called “Security Theater.”

“Visitors were suddenly locked in Shanghai Disneyland after a positive Covid-19 case was found in a woman who traveled from Hangzhou, China,” Bloomberg reported.

The response from the Chinese Communist Party, over one alleged case, was to lock 33,000 people into Disney and force them to complete COVID tests to leave.

It wasn’t a Halloween trick; South China Morning Post reported the details:

Using a mysterious pandemic as cover for making vaccine and mask demands, over 32,000 people were detained before they could leave Disney because they were forced to take COVID testing. Reports show that all over 32,000 people pass with negative results.

All 33,863 visitors and staff of #Shanghai #Disneyland have tested negative for COVID-19, Shanghai municipality’s COVID-19 control and prevention office said on Monday. Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown closes temporarily to assist COVID-19 probe on Sunday,” CGTN reported. 

The AP reported:

“Fireworks boomed as visitors at Shanghai Disneyland waited for COVID-19 test results, surrounded by health care workers dressed from head to toe in white protective suits.

Shanghai Disneyland announced suddenly Sunday evening that it was no longer accepting any new visitors and was cooperating with an epidemiological investigation from another province. They then locked down the park as Shanghai city healthcare workers and police rushed to conduct a mass testing of the visitors already inside.

After testing everyone, the park will remain shut on Monday and Tuesday as it continues to cooperate with pandemic prevention efforts, Shanghai Disneyland said in a statement Monday.

The park’s sudden lockdown and temporary closure underscored just how serious China is about enforcing its zero-tolerance pandemic prevention strategy.

Globally, many countries have turned to living with the virus, whether out of choice or necessity, although as virus surges come and go, many face overburdened health care systems and additional deaths.”

Discussions on We Chat show the people were not pleased:

“One person who was tested positive entered the park the day before, so they had to require all entrants(roughly 30K people) to do instant tests before leaving, and the park decided to make a free firework show in order to comfort parents and kids stranded till late night,” one person posted.

“The instant test doesn’t make sense. Most visitors where not there yesterday. So visitor yesterday might infected staff yesterday, but those staff won’t be infectious yet today,” another poster wrote.

“It’s what’s known in the US as “security theater.” If it MAKES people feel safer, then they’re more likely to try to comply with any rules and regulations put into place. NSA at our airports are notorious for missing guns and such, but people FEEL safer for the NSA being there,” a third poster wrote.

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