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The Race Lady on MSNBC Says GOP Consumed by ‘White Christian Nationalism ‘

The race lady on MSNBC, Joy Reid, was caught spreading stupid again on Tuesday when she took to social media to say that the Republican Party is planning to gain power throughout the government and block out LGBTQ and non-white voices except for people who uphold the idea that “white Christian dominion” is the foundation of the nation.

“The goal of the Republican Party today, is it to seize control of every level of government, to lock out voices of color & LGBTQ voices except those who conform to their demand that history and education uplift white Christian dominion as the one true bedrock of America.”

I don’t know how she still has a show. She attacks conservatives and Republicans practically every day by calling them racists and she never provides legitimate evidence. Does she really believe millions of Americans are racist to the point where they think about race as much as she does?

She then added another tweet saying that “white Christian nationalism” has consumed the GOP and is having an impact on government institutions in society.

“This Dominionism — this white Christian* nationalism — is cultish, sometimes violent, ugly and cruel. It has swallowed the Republican Party whole, it dominates the Supreme Court, and it’s rolling over our state legislatures, school boards, congress and governors mansions.”

People who make accusations about racism without sufficient evidence are a piece of garbage.

“We’re all about to lose so many rights; so fast, most people won’t know what hit them, until it’s too late,” the race lady on MSNBC tweeted. “Fascism isn’t a game, y’all. It’s real. And it’s in America, sometimes dressed as a kooky personality cult or carrying a confederate flag… and not enough people are fighting it,” she tweeted. “And the first casualty will be women, who are about to find out what ‘big government’ really looks like, thanks to the Christian nationalist majority on the Supreme Court and the Republicans who are licking their chops at taking over the House and especially the Senate.”

Earlier this year, Reid actually said that the Republican Party desires “a white nationalist autocracy” within America. I guess the multitude of black Republicans must think they are white.

Joy Reid is not a serious person.

On Monday,  Reid tweeted that the Pro-Life movement should be called  the “forced birth movement.”

“There is no ‘pro life movement.’ Pro-life would be pro-healthcare, school lunches for hungry kids and mercy for migrants fleeing literal death. Pro-life would fight poverty and fund kids education and kids and maternal healthcare. Call them what they are: a forced birth movement.”

Joy Reid is a bigot. She trashed gay people years ago on her blog site, then blamed a hacker but never provided evidence. She refers to anyone who disagrees with her as a racist, and if race isn’t invoked, she’ll add it in. When she goes on her rants, she accuses her targets of saying or believing things that come from nothing more than her own pre-conceived notions based on her radical leftist ideology. A serious network would get rid of her.

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