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The Precinct Strategy Makes The Villainous Left Media Focus On A West Point Educated Lawyer For Destruction

After decades of ignoring the left’s high-profile usurpations of our Republic, the lapdog media has devised a sneaky way to defame, slander, discredit and marginalize Americans with their huge platforms.

The Conflict:  enter the heroes of the story, the villainous media posse hit a snag- because President Donald J. Trump just elevated average Americans by engaging with a West Point educated attorney- Dan Schultz- and the struggle over the soul of American becomes more intense.

“Republican Party Platform vs. Democrat Party Platform: Liberty vs. Secular Socialism,” Schultz wrote, exposing why the left hates him.

Scene one– Trump endorses the: Precinct Strategy:

Scene two– where the lapdog media gaslights Americans for their leftist masters, and attempt to keep Americans out of the political process:

Check out Media Matters casting Dan Schultz into the “Qanon” column for encouraging Americans to participate in the Republican Party, and run for leadership there- so they can be a part of the civic process that makes America a unique experiment in “democracy”.

Because Qanon is crazy- right?  So Dan Schultz must be crazy too- right?

Check out Pro-Publica who casts Dan Schultz as a member of the “Oath Keeper” group, even admitting in the article that there is no basis for such a thing, and claiming the appearance of such an alignment came from “hacked” data- something no other Americans are allowed to do. Using hacked materials will get you suspended from most platforms. But it’s ok in this situation— right?

Because Oath Keepers are scary- right? So Dan Schultz must be scary too- right?

And then, like the dirty Maoists they emulate, the lapdog media hopes to shame, mock and humiliate anyone else, by association who even dares participate in the political process that is apparently only meant for the elite.

The setup: If the left can’t cheat, they will win with fear, bullying, and intimidation.

THAT is precisely what Dan Schultz and Stephen Stern – of the Precinct Strategy Project- are dismantling by directing people into the Republican Party- to engage in the political process, using what Schultz says is 10th-grade civics.

Now we know why the Democrats destroyed a sound civic education for children in favor of transgender studies. Get it?

Schultz pushes “Civics” and that is frightening to the left- because they love state-controlled and centralized power.  Remember: The government of a republic seeks the public or common good rather than the good of a particular group or class of society. “civic virtue” of citizens is essential; civic virtue means that citizens put the public or common good above their private interests.

And the public good is not being served at this time, because Americans were shut out of their own government and political process.  Schultz and his posse are changing that one small  Republican neighborhood leader at a time.

And the left is going crazy over the idea that Americans would participate like that.

So Dan Schultz is their target.  Schultz explains the process and the necessity of getting into the GOP on the WarRoom podcast:


Pro-Publica author, Isaac Arnsdorf, really-really- really wants you to associate Schultz with the Oath Keepers, even though he was instructed by Schultz that there was no association. As a journalist- I would not try to do that- let alone get away with it.

What Arnsdorf is really doing is trying, it appears, is to scare Schultz with intimidation, altering anyone else who is afraid of getting their name in the press to not get involved.

This type of “guilt by association” is a pattern by the lapdog media, using imagery of Qanon, Oath Keepers or Jan. 6th to smear good decent, patriotic Americans- who dare love their country.

While most Americans have been censored, in some way, by politicians, by the media and by big tech- using fake “fact-checking” services- the left is allowed to publish things they know for a fact are lies- and they have been instructed by their targets are lies, yet they persist to post nonsense and harmful content with the blessings of the Marxist’s Gods who control the public streams.

This story is about the very people who ignored the summer of rage, ahead of the 2020 General election, where the left and all of their Grassroots Marketing Platforms, lawmakers and platforms elevated and promoted deadly riots as something peaceful and beautiful- about our American process of government.

But when the right engages in media and politics- the fangs come out and that really should make people want to get more involved.

The fact that the left is so frightened of the precinct strategy, and Dan Schultz, should tell you that they are over the target.

Steve Stern is an important part of the project’s success. Stern appears regularly on independent media to promote the project to help elect America First candidates.


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