This inquiry is full of “witnesses” that haven’t actually “witnessed” anything. 

Fox Nation hosts Kat Timpf and Tom Shillue compiled a montage of what seems to be the most popular word repeated throughout the impeachment proceedings as this Thursday marked the end of week two in the public testimonies.

“During week two of impeachment hearings, there sure was a lot of ‘presuming,'” Shillue said in the latest episode of Fox Nation’s “UNPC.”

The word “presume” seemed to have been a popular choice for U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who invoked the term in all of its forms.

“I had no idea, I was presuming that it was,” Sondland said during the hearing. “That was my presumption…presumably…presuming, I was presuming,” the edited video depicts him saying at various points of his testimony.

At a later point, Sondland seemed to have recognized his overuse of the word — which he said more than 15 times during his six-hour-long hearing.

“I’ve said repeatedly… I was presuming,” he said.

“He did say it repeatedly, that is right,” Shillue joked.