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The Meathead Tweeted ‘Republicans Don’t Respect Women’ When the Reality is Hollywood Has-Beens Don’t Understand the Constitution

Rob Reiner, forever known as “The Meathead,” took to social media to say that Republicans do not respect women.

“It’s simple. Republicans don’t respect women.”

His asinine tweet brought all the other woke blue check marks off of their ivory tower perches to chime in with their own stupidity about a political party they know absolutely nothing about.

Speaking of Hollywood has-beens, Mia Farrow responded to The Meathead’s tweet, but she has since deleted it.

“They’d be happy to impose Sharia laws.”

We have to assume the Hollywood nitwits are talking about the leaked initial document opinion from the US Supreme Court, written by Justice Alito, that reveals a potential that the Court is going to overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade decision. So they’re attacking Republicans who have nothing to do with the Court. I thought Chief Justice John Roberts, one of the leftists on the High Court, scolded former President Donald Trump for saying a judge appointed by former President Barack Obama was an “Obama judge.” Roberts said there are no Republican judges and Democrat judges. Of course, even most double-digit IQ folks, like the Hollywood has-beens, knew that was bogus as soon as Roberts said it.

Another clueless leftist, Nancy Sinatra, chimed in to agree with The Meathead saying she doesn’t understand why any woman would be a Republican.

“Yes, I have thought that for decades, and it’s beyond my comprehension why a woman, any woman would be a republican. Ever – unless she can’t read.”

Unlike liberal women like Nancy Sinatra, I think Republican women can read the Constitution and the 10th Amendment to understand that the Supreme Court is telling her that the Constitution says the federal government has zero authority on abortion. The 1973 Court made it up out of thin air. They lied to the world, and people like leftist Hollywood morons think they can virtue signal the rest of us when they haven’t a clue what the leaked document is actually telling them.

“Republicans fear strong, intelligent, ambitious women,” a regular user responded to The Meathead. “This fact is obvious in everything they do.”

I think Mary’s concept of what makes a woman strong, intelligent, and ambitious is quite different from what the rest of us think those traits mean.

last Sunday, The Meathead tweeted, “On this Mother’s Day let’s honor all mothers and empower all other women with the right to decide if and when they want to become mothers.”

He actually brought up abortion on Mother’s Day! What is wrong with this guy?

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