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The Left’s New Twist on “Russiagate” and why they now Hate Rosenstein,*hint* New Book for Sale

The Democrat party has two topics they believe are going to save Democrat candidate Joe Bidden from losing in November. One is a Global Pandemic and the other is Russia! Russia! Russia!, so it is expected that on the same day the Trump administration comes out with full-throated defense of their position that China is our big problem, not Russia, the New York Times would have an article from an author saying the opposite.

Sunday morning political shows on Maria Bartiromo had two top Intel leaders for the Trump administration made the case that leaking from Democrat members of the US House and Senate was so bad and so twisted to misrepresent national security threats from Russia, that they had to come out and establish that no, China was a major threat, and Democrats were politicizing Intel briefings.

So it is almost to be expected that outcomes an article from the New York Times, and subsequent posts from left-leaning activists and Community Organizers repeating that the United States is in danger from Russia, because of Trump.

Here is an excerpt from a new book that pushes people to not give up on the Russia hoax yet, because the author has discovered a new angle- financial connections were not investigated in the Russiagate hoax, so they want a do-over.

And they have found an escape goat to blame it all on; Former US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Following this Twitter author explain how it is the left has come to now hate Rosenstein:

The left, never letting an opportunity to push for their agenda go to waste, has refused to let their dreams of convicting President Trump and all of his friends of collusion with Russia go by the wayside, so they are going to attempt to resurrect the drama in time for the 2020 election.

Abramson, an Attorney and another NYT Bestselling author is very excited about the possibility that his own books are correct, its a god time to pick some up, and that Trump is indeed guilty of colluding with Russia to cheat Hillary Clinton out of a victory in 2016, and he has a new kicking post over it, Rosenstein.

It was obvious crimes that no one would investigate, according to Abramson has a new theory to sell, and more books to offer. The new Rosenstein series should be out soon.

The news was so big to the left that “Rosenstein” was trending on Twitter, immediately Sunday morning.

The left is angry with Rosenstein enough to have grassroots marketing platforms and social media influencers gather Sunday and post like crazy about this story and the outrage it brings to the left who are convinced that Hillary Clinton really won in 2016.

News of the book got reviews from Blue Check marks in all left leaning media.

This part probably won’t be in the book:

We sent Michael Schmidt when he started writing his book, and did not receive an answer. It would be interesting if it was sometime around – oh say… June… after they heard from Rosenstein about the crazy and fake pee pee dossier?’

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