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The Left Have Begun Eating Their Own by Turning on Sen. Dianne Feinstein

One thing that always happens throughout history and across the globe is that at one point the Left start to eat their own. And with so many Democrats getting really old, it looks like the feast is about to begin.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, at 87 is the oldest member of the Senate and the most senior Democrat on the important Judiciary Committee, is “seriously struggling” with cognitive decline, according to a new report.

The left has started to turn on Feinstein with many people saying her hugging Lindsey Graham was a huge mistake since the knives are clearly out for her.

The Left only ever cares about you when you are useful to them.  They will drop you like a hot potato the minute you no longer are.  For the Leftist, meaning the progressives in the Democratic Party, everything in their life political.  I mean everything, from eating to shopping to posting online, everything.

Now that the Left has turned on Feinstein, they started leaking that her mental facilities are in rapid decline, and it appears that they may set up a situation where they force her to resign her seat.

It’s been reported that Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has had several “painful” discussions with the 87-year-old senator from California about stepping down, but Feinstein apparently forgets they ever talked, forcing Schumer to confront her again, according to a source.

“It was like Groundhog Day, but with the pain fresh each time,” the source revealed.

Enough people have commented and complained that she decided to step down as Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee.

I bet none of the same complainers said a word about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline which seems more pronounced than anything I’ve ever seen from Feinstein.  Twice during the 2020 campaign, Biden thought he was running for the US Senate.  Without whatever meds they give him he wasn’t able to put two sentences together, which is why a lot of people think that’s why the campaign kept him locked up in his basement.  They were afraid of things he might say that would harm his chances.

I have not an ounce of sympathy for this woman.  She sandbagged Supreme Court nominee and now, Justice Brett Kavanaugh with the vilest of evil, attacks one could ever launch at someone, a false story about sexual assault that produced zero evidence ever happened.  Kavanaugh’s hearing went very smoothly and Feinstein, who admitted that she held onto the complaint for some time before unleashing it at just the right time, went ahead and attacked Kavanaugh in a Hail Mary attempt to kill his nomination.

This is quite surprising because she seemed fine during the confirmation hearings for now Justice Amy Coney Barrett.  She even had the wherewithal to thank everyone involved in the hearings for making them run as smoothly as they did, but remember, they had the Kavanaugh hearing disaster to compare.  And I believe it was those compliments she handed out that went too over the top for the vicious Leftists who wanted Barrett’s blood on the floor, and now they want to exact their revenge.

There are some rumblings going around as the New Yorker puts it saying “Several sources inside the Senate say, Dianne Feinstein, who is 87, struggles to remember briefings just after they take place—and that her cognitive decline has been evident for several years.”

The New Yorker quoted several anonymous sources close to Senator Feinstein expressing their concerns that she is struggling with her short-term memory.   Apparently, Schumer encouraged her to step down “with her dignity intact.”  He then had to talk to her again because she forgot all about the conversation they had.

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