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The Left Has a New ‘Trigger Phrase’: Christian Nationalism

This has got to be a new low for the left, who have utilized and even invented various trigger phrases to try and scare their supporters into supporting Democrats despite the discomfort. The right has fought to uphold the nation’s founding principles while the left has worked to banish God from America.

So, what’s the latest trigger phrase? “Christian nationalism.”

The latest boogeyman of the left, Hillsdale College, was the target of Kathryn Joyce’s attack in an interview with Alex Wagner for the Salon. “And how is Hillsdale — talk more about the connection between Hillsdale and Ron DeSantis specifically. We know that [Hillsdale President] Larry Arnn is a big fan of Ron DeSantis. But Hillsdale’s actually in some of the Florida laws regarding education. What happened there?”

“Hillsdale College is one of the organizations that Florida tapped to advise on this project,” asserted Joyce. “More recently, and I believe I saw this in your coverage on Wednesday, Hillsdale was also involved in the teacher training. The training of teachers to implement these new civic standards that a lot of them, you know, reportedly, the Miami Herald had amazing reporting on this, felt that this was, you know, promoting Christian nationalism, that this was minimizing slavery and the history of racism in the U.S.”

The two continued to sensationalize the campaign to defend American basic values while ignoring the Christian foundation of the country. They also asserted that charter schools are being promoted by the right.

“Well, I mean, that’s at least part of the goal,” Joyce continued. So, Hillsdale College, back in 2010, started this network of public charters. Public classical education charters around the country, that were teaching a curriculum that is kind of really big on American exceptionalism, Western civilization, the idea that the U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, which is sort of secularized language for Christian nationalism.”

She added, “and, since then, they have grown to have an influence and 53 these schools around the country that are paid for by public tax dollars but are advancing this very private school classical education…”

“Christian nationalism!” Wagner cut him off.

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