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The Gateway Pundit Sues Lead Stories Fact-Check Reporter for Defamation

The Gateway Pundit accurately reported on the material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that he had left in a Delaware repair shop.

The laptop was full of incriminating evidence against Hunter both in his business dealings abroad and with an underage girl, who was related to him.  Dean Miller Managing Editor from Lead Stories wrote the takedown of the Gateway Pundit story.

The problem is that Miller was not honest in his fact-checking, claiming that the posts by the Gateway Pundit staff were fake news.

As a result, TGP has decided to sue Miller for defamation of character. But in allegedly debunking the story by TGP, Miller violated libel laws.

General Counsel for the Gateway Pundit John Burns, said:

“Leftist media organizations – the Mainstream Press – learned one lesson from 2016: destroy alternative media. They lie and then use the lies of others to deplatform conservative media and harass their advertisers. They have successfully run many good outlets out of business, but this conduct is illegal, and we will fight back. Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit have been libeled and defamed by Dean Miller and Lead Stories, and we will seek justice.”

“Mr. Apelbaum is an expert without peer, a leader in his industry, he’s doing great things in artificial intelligence and what Lead Stories said about him is insulting and harmful to his reputation. His experience and resume say it all, his reputation as an expert, and the reputation of the Pundit in profiling a leader in this industry is something we are willing to litigate in order to protect. Lead Stories needs to do a better job checking its facts before defaming honest men and women in America, the law is not on their side.”

TGP is following in the steps of Candace Owens in holding supposed fact checkers accountable for the lies they use to cover for Democrats. Up until now, they had things their own way and they were able to get away with murder, but no more. Actual damages in cases like these could be astronomical and if punitive damages are included, the sky is the limit.

From The Gateway Pundit

Miller went through Apelbaum’s LinkedIn and suggested that his entire resume was fake. In one example, Miller says he searched Dun and Bradstreet’s website for mentions of his name, as they were one of Apelbaum’s past employers and found none. 

On their own site, they mention they have 4,037 current employees, so the purpose of this search, without context, leaves the reader with the wrongful impression that Apelbaum is a faker. Miller mentioned that he ‘reached out to’ Dun & Bradstreet to confirm Apelbaum’s employment and “will update” the report “when they reply.”

Again leaving any reasonable reader on the impression that they have not yet replied, and they have likely not replied because they have no record of Apelbaum.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Will Johnson

    December 21, 2020 at 2:36 pm

    These Leftist fact-checkers are 100% bias.

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Will Johnson

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