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The Flotilla Boat Parade is the New Trump Rally, Their Enthusiasm Can’t be Contained

Supporters of President Donald J. Trump have found a new activity in the last four years to show their support of him and his policies, and while the country is under crowd restrictions due to the Pandemic concerns, and the rallies that made Trump so famous have had to be postponed, boating for Trump has become a national obsession for loyal Trump supporters.

The movement was started spontaneously as people started to realized that out on the ocean people were free to express themselves with Trump flags and the idea just caught on, turning into a grassroots movement of informal rallies and parties.

Some of the boating gatherings have speakers and patriotic music. Attendees are seen celebrating and having a wonderful time.

It appears that there is nothing that can stop people from showing their enthusiasm for the 45th President.

The new “Trump rally” is the numerous Flotillas or boat parades that have popped in many states, and is now so huge and exciting that the parades have gotten the attention of the Trump administration.

And even of President Trump himself.

In this video Trump talks about the silent majority and his supporters and their boat parades:

Large and Small parades are happening, with some outings as many as 3,000 boats, adorned with Trump flags, MAGA banners and American flags.


Trump’s team made a short video with reaction from Trump thanking the boaters for the support:

“I appreciate the boaters for Trump.  I wish I had time and I would get on a boat and wave a flag with you. You people are strong and fantastic.  Get out and vote on Nov. 3rd.  You people have the right spirit, those people are crazy and we have to stop them, thank you very much,” Trump said.






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