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Attacking Trump

The Entire Government Wasn’t In On the 2020 Election Fraud, Right? You’d Be Surprised

Once in a while, I find myself bewildered, like when I just put something down and yet I cannot remember where it is.   Whenever this happens it can get frustrating because you know you just had the thing, you know, the thing, and then a minute later you’re thinking what the hell did I do with it?  I go through several things before I can find it, and that usually involves going over the steps I took from beginning to end.

Sherlock Holmes was famous for saying, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

And this bewilderment can happen another way.  Like when you know something to be true, but you’re being asked to believe it’s not true even though you have experienced it with your own eyes and ears.  Our republic is in a situation like that right now.

Any person who pays attention to current events, but doesn’t get their information through Fake News, someone who has common sense and can distinguish between a real-world explanation and when they’re being handed a steaming pile of bullschtein can see that the 2020 presidential election results are not to be believed at best and that fellow Americans actually helped to commit massive election fraud right before our very eyes.

After watching things unfold on Election Day and the days thereafter, and spending weeks after that learning about evidence being uncovered daily, we know that what we saw and experienced was rampant, out and out election fraud, yet at the same time we were being told that what we experienced in real life and not in a dream, didn’t really happen… before our very owns eyes.  We were told by the mainstream news media that there was no evidence of election fraud even though we watched closely and paid attention as witness after witness and whistleblower after whistleblower testified during state legislature election irregularities hearings tell their stories about election fraud they witnessed firsthand.  And we know and understand what it means that these people signed sworn affidavits upon penalty of perjury that what they said happened was true to the best of their knowledge.  We understand that means they would go to prison if they lied.

So, either we are crazy and see things that no one else has seen, or there really is a widespread conspiracy going on with half the population, being run by a political party that has such a lust for raw power that they gave up on the rule of law a long time ago.

We watched as mainstream media, state government Executive branches, and judges in courtrooms from state to state turned a blind eye on the evidence we sat through, and we were bewildered by it all.  Could we really be the ones who were crazy?  Would every single mainstream media outlet tell us that what we knew to be true never existed and that there was no evidence of election fraud if that weren’t true?  Would every court deny the existence of blatant Constitutional violations by Executive and judicial officials, in multiple states if there was the evidence we believed existed?

Are we the ones who are crazy?  No, we are not the crazy ones.  The reason all these things happened is that the Executive branch officials, the state and federal judges, the county workers who worked at the vote-counting centers were all in on the same fraud.  They were all in on it.  If we eliminate all of the impossible, then what remains, even if improbable, is true.  We know what we saw and heard.  We know there is evidence of massive voter fraud in at least all of the key battleground states.  We know there are over 4,000 affidavits signed that give testimony of election fraud.  And we know that the forces on the other side are lying about it all.  The only thing that explains our bewilderment is that they were all in on the fraud.

We now know, from investigations by lawyers who want to get to the bottom of what really happened, that Democrats have been cheating in elections for years, by using multiple tactics that seem very simple to do, because no one would ever suspect how simple it would be.  Things like creating thousands of fake ballots and slipping them into the vote tallies.  Things like throwing ballots out.  But where they really did massive damage was digital ballots.   If your polling place had you fill out a paper ballot and then they slid it into a machine, your vote was not going to be counted by the paper ballot.  Your vote is now digital, and that’s how they cheated the worst of all because the Dominion voting machines they used enabled the Democrat workers to either delete your vote for Trump outright or they switched your Trump vote for Biden.  Folks, these things have been proven already. People have witnessed it happen.  The lawyers have investigated and used experts to confirm it, and they have discovered that these things indeed did happen.  You are not crazy, the Democrats are just that evil.

The Democrats were taken by surprise in 2016. They really believed the hype that the mainstream media gave them by claiming things like Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of becoming the next president.  When Donald Trump won the election it blew their minds.

Trump then went on to govern as a true conservative, and they watched as he was systematically dismantling their progressive globalist state policy by policy.  The Democrats decided a long time ago that Trump could not be reelected.  So they came up with the plan to use the dirty software in Dominion machines to change the digital votes to benefit Joe Biden.  There was just one problem. They went overboard, and it exposed their fraud.  Donald Trump got so many votes in the key battleground states the Democrats targeted that the numbers broke the algorithm, and they had to shut down the systems in all of those states.   They told us that they were going to stop counting and continue in the morning.  Notice how states in the rest of the country didn’t shut down counting for the evening.  Only the key battleground states where Joe Biden did the best period, and he did best after middle-of-the-night surges in ballots being added to vote counts when the workers were supposed to be at home ready to take up counting again in the morning.  Yes, we all witnessed that, even though we’re told nothing wrong happened.

The Democrats don’t care about our republic.  The dirty little secret is they haven’t cared for quite some time.  It’s just that now they’re so blatant about it they no longer care.  We went through 4 years of illegalities by the deep state that never went punished. They spied on the Trump campaign in 2016 and none of the high-ranking players got punished.   The deep state leaked nearly every day for the first two years of Trump’s presidency, each leak being a felony, and no one paid the price.  So why wouldn’t lower-level people include themselves in a massive voter fraud effort? They felt nothing was going to happen to them.

And what’s really sick is when you realize that they didn’t even have to be trained that much on what to do because they’ve been doing it for decades.  It’s normal routine for them to commit voter fraud.  They have it down to a science.

The election interference began the day after Trump was inaugurated.  From that point on every Democrat, every mainstream news media person, all of academia, the social media tech giants, even premier law enforcement agencies all got involved in trashing President Trump any way they could to get the American people to hate him, to not trust him, to not vote for him in 2020.   And when they realized that after throwing at Trump nonstop bogus investigations, impeaching him over a simple phone call, and then blaming him for a Chinese virus pandemic, he didn’t lose any of his support, they went full hog and cheated their asses off in the election.  They exploited the coronavirus pandemic by fearmongering so much that voters were afraid to stand in line to vote, and the Democrats demanded mail-in voting to accommodate, and that was how they planned to steal the election.

Donald Trump was a disrupter the Democrats never imagined.  He entered Washington with courage and resolve that they clearly underestimated.  They called him a rube, a racist, an idiot, a traitor, and far worse, thinking those insults would be his demise, but unlike other Republican politicians, Trump had the drive to not let those attacks distract him from his mission of making America great again.  They knew he was going win so big that the Democratic Party would be sucked down the drain of the swamp and be nothing to worry about anymore.  So they declared war on him and stole the election.  And here we are today.

They may get away with it.  When even the judges are in on getting rid of Donald Trump there’s not much hope you’re going to get a fair hearing, so in the end, we may have to settle for some form of cosmic justice where we know that what we saw and experienced about what the Democrats did was real and that they got away with it.  The MAGA movement isn’t going away, and I can guarantee you that every member of that movement will never forget what they did and will go to extreme lengths to make sure that they never get away with it again.

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