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The Differences Between Trump and Biden Couldn’t be Further Apart For the Future of Our Country

2020 has been the armpit of calendar years, but we’re finally just days away from the presidential election.

President Donald Trump has been saying that the 2020 election is the most important election of our lifetime, and while politicians pretty much say that in every election, this year it rings true.  Biden is saying we are fighting for the soul of our country, and he could not be more right, but for reasons other than he thinks, because while Trump wants to continue to grow our economy and Make America Great Again, Biden and the Democrats are promising to blow up America, clear the debris, and replace it with a socialist utopian heaven on earth.

The gap between the two visions of America coming from both candidates and their parties has never been wider or more clear.  Americans are voting for two extremely different versions of an American future.  Donald Trump’s vision is an optimistic view where America’s best days are still ahead of her, while Joe Biden and the Democrats’ pessimistic and bleak view of America says that America is a horrible place that is systemically racist, so vote for them.

Trump in his America First, our best days are ahead of us vision for America, promises to once again grow the strongest economy we have ever known, which was realized before the Chinese virus pandemic took hold of the world and destroyed economies around the globe, where stock market records were a daily occurrence, and IRA’s and 401k’s were soaring through the roof, with rising wages for the first time in decades that helped the poor more than anyone all thanks to the combination of tax cuts for all workers, massive regulations cuts, and fighting to secure our border, which stopped illegal aliens from coming in an taking American jobs at much lower wages.  Unemployment for black and Hispanic workers were at record lows.  In fact, Trump’s economy before COVID-19 was so strong that after almost 8 months of lockdowns, we’re now seeing a V-shaped comeback.

President Trump created Operation Warp Speed where he asked people in the vaccine-making business why it takes them years to produce a usable vaccine, and they all came back with government red tape.  So, he had the experts see if they could do a vaccine without the time-consuming red tape and without taking away any safety measures.  Thanks to Trump’s initiative, we are on track to have a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of November, which will virtually wipe out the looming specter of death given to the world by the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump is the first American president in decades that did not get us into another war during his first term in office.  In fact, he has been nominated 4 times now for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Left will never give it to him, but the nominations are now a part of history.

Donald Trump is also one of the first president’s in my lifetime who actively fought to keep all of the promises he made to the American people if he got elected.

The president wants law and order for states that have suffered through Democrat-enabled riots, looting, and chaos since the death of George Floyd.

Trump wants our schools to open, so that children can get the right education they deserve instead of being locked up in their homes watching a video screen where there’s no real interaction and the psychological detriment to their well-being.

All of this is completely opposite from what Joe Biden and the Democrats are proposing.

During an interview Biden answered a question if the scientists said he should lock the country down over COVID-19 would he do with a resounding yes, he would listen to the scientists.  Even during the last debate Biden repeated talking Democrat points about how Trump was going to be responsible for doubling the number of deaths due to COVID and that he’s done nothing to combat the virus, when anyone with a working brain knows that’s just not true.  He cited the over 200,000 American deaths, without questioning how many of that number died from some other underlying condition and not the Chinese virus, or even discuss how hospitals were claiming every death was due to COVID-19 even if the patient never tested positive for it, because hospitals were given more money for COVID patients by the government.  They had an incentive to lie.

“I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists,” Biden told ABC’s David Muir in an interview with his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). “We’re going to do whatever it takes to save lives.”


Biden spent 47 years in Washington, DC, and he doesn’t have any major achievements other than getting elected.  Obama’s own Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Biden was wrong on almost every foreign policy decision and American national security decision spanning forty years.

Biden was a fracking liar when he lied during the last debate about his desire to ban fracking.  In fact, after claiming he never said he would ban fracking, even though there are multiple times he did so recorded on video, he then later came out and said he would transition the country out of using fossil fuels.  Someone needs to tell Joe that fracking is a part of the fossil fuel industry.


The simple truth is Joe Biden’s own website STILL says the Green New Deal is on if he’s elected, and that bans fossil fuels.  Millions of Americans would lose their jobs, families put out of work.  Trump fought hard to bring America energy independence where we don’t have to get involved in endless wars in the Middle East to defend oil conglomerates there, and you can say good-bye to energy independence if Biden gets elected.

The former vice president also said he would get us back into the Paris Climate Accord, which would be very bad for American workers as their jobs would vanish due to the horrible regulations contained within.

Biden also told America that if elected he would go back into the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which was never a deal in the first place as no one from either side ever signed it.

The man who wants to be the top law enforcement officer of the country didn’t say a single word about the riots that took place in Democrat-run cities for four months where buildings, including police precincts, were burned and businesses looted, where statues were toppled, and people attacked night after night after night.  It was only when the polls started reflected poorly on Joe’s no response did he come out with a very tepid message that rioting was wrong.

Your vote matters more now than at any time of your life.  President Trump loves America and sees it as the greatest country ever created throughout history and he plans to help us rebuild it in the wake of the Chinese virus pandemic.  Joe Biden wants to trash the American system and replace it with a socialist utopian heaven on earth.

Trump believes like Reagan that America is the shining city upon a hill, while Biden thinks America has never lived up to it’s promise.  All the good America has done for its own people and the people around the world is never recognized by Joe Biden or the Democratic Party.

This election is the American dream vs a socialist nightmare.  Vote wisely.

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