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The Democrats sleepover shows how desperate they are

Last night the Democrats spent almost the entire night fighting against the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. It is such a desperate move and shows just how weak their arguments are.

As surprising and interesting as it was to wake up this morning hearing that they got no sleep because they spent the night screaming about Barrett, at this point they know, you know, I know, she’s getting the nomination. They are so desperate, though, to prevent her from the nomination because she holds such traditional, wholesome views.

They’re terrified she’ll hurt women, the LGBTQ community, and repeal Roe v. Wade. She has shown over and over again that she is a strong, powerful, woman of grace and composure. She isn’t fighting for her personal beliefs, but for those of the constitution and for those that actually help people.

The Democrats don’t care, however. They hear what she says, but they don’t listen. If they really retained what Barrett has said, they may realize how much good she’ll actually do once confirmed. 

Instead of going to bed and getting rest for today, arguably a long day for both political parties, they just talked (something they’re great at, actions- not so much), and complained about how Barrett would soon be confirmed, all night. They haven’t provided constitutional reasons on why she shouldn’t be confirmed and are just angry about how quickly Trump was able to make this happen.

They can talk and have pillow fights all they want, however, it hasn’t made any difference so far, and won’t in the future. I’m all for standing up for what you believe. There are many things that I will not compromise on. However, there are times that you have to let something go for the time being. They’ve lost the battle, so they just need to let it go and save their energy for other fights they throw at Republicans (that Republicans will continue to win). 

What’s so great about this specific confirmation hearing, however, is the massive impact it will have for years to come. Once nominated, Barrett isn’t going anywhere for a very, very long time. Democrats know that once she’s sworn in there’s no going back. What’s sad, though, is that the very woman that Barrett is replacing would be sick to see how Democrats are treating Barrett. 

As different as Barrett and Ginsburg are, the late Justice stressed the importance of being able to be friends with people on both sides of the aisle and showing respect to one another. Ginsburg would be thrilled that even though, because even though she would disagree with Barrett’s viewpoints, she would celebrate that a woman had received the nomination. 

Democrats have fought this confirmation since the very beginning and have given it a very weak effort. All that they have are pathetic stories and angry rants. They have had their time to gain more votes, but it hasn’t worked. I don’t know why they thought having a sleepover would change anything. 

They stayed up all night to fight against the confirmation and keep Barrett from being sworn in, but all that really happened was make them sleep deprived and more angry and irritable than usual. 

Democrats, save the sleepovers for your kids, and start running the country like the adults you claim to be.

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