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The Dam is Bursting: More Staffers Planning To Leave Vice President Kamala Harris’ Office Including Symone Sanders [VIDEO]

One thing you can say about Kamala Harris is people around her do not like her. Stories went out at the beginning of the administration that Harris’s White House people were fighting with Joe Biden’s White House people. There were stories of what a horror show it was to work for her as a Senator.

But the stories of disgruntled staff members came out back in 2019 when she was still a presidential candidate about how she ran an office that was just horrible to work in.

The press handled the story like a “Republicans pounce” episode, focusing not on Harris but on those who pointed it out, hitting critics with the usual sexism rants that they would never do if she was a man.

Now there are rumors of the Vice President’s office having the same problems of horrible working conditions and backstabbing staffers. Those stories were once again suppressed from the news, this time because corporate media thought they could keep the truth under wraps. That never happened and people started to leave.

More key workers in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office are eyeing the exits” when a number of staffers quit in recent weeks, according to Politico. How bad must it be to quit a job working for the Vice President of the United States?

According to people familiar with the resignations situation, Harris’ senior adviser Symone Sanders will leave her job by the end of the year.

Harris responded to questions about Sanders leaving, saying, “I love Symone. And I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. You know, it’s been three years with a lot of… jumping on and off planes and going around the country. She works very hard, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. And I mean that sincerely.”

Okay, what did she say that she means sincerely? She didn’t really say anything. She can’t wait to see what she’ll do next because according to Harris, apparently all she did for three years was hop off and on planes. You don’t say you mean it sincerely, wanting to see what she does next. You say something more appropriate like, “She has been a great asset to the team, and I wish her well on her next endeavor.”

She was then asked about the staffers and she responded saying she already told them how she feels about Symone and then she laughed.


There is a tell there. If everything was fine, there was no reason for Harris to even say “and I mean that sincerely.” Just speculating here, but I think she doesn’t mean it sincerely, and that’s why she felt the need to say it.

From Politico:

“Less than a year after assembling a mostly new team to help settle her into the vice presidency, key members of Harris’ orbit are leaving and even more are eyeing the exits.

Some Harris confidantes and Democratic allies are urging her to more aggressively embrace the concept of a reset, arguing that she needs to put her rocky first year behind her and openly embrace the idea that she’s entering a new phase. But others, including some top aides, are resistant to signaling a major shift is afoot, suggesting that the internal restructuring only feeds a narrative of disorder and that most of the new blood coming to the vice president’s office won’t be visible to the wider public anyway.”

Ashley Etienne, Harris’ communications director, left her post before Thanksgiving. Two more communication aides are planning on leaving very soon.

According to Fox News:

Fox News contributor Joe Concha called Harris’ office “a sinking ship” following Sanders’ announcement, pointing to her approval ratings. One recent poll shows her approval rating at 28%, while he had a 46% approval upon taking office.

“I guess when your boss’ approval ratings are at 28% and she’s polling even lower on her number one job, the U.S. southern border where migrants continue to flow over, two million passing over this year. I guess I would leave too, because this is a sinking ship,” said Concha Saturday.

Reports have also swirled for months that Harris’ office is toxic.

Let’s call it the way it is. Kamala Harris was not ready even for the second slot. She didn’t get a single delegate during the primary even after she played the race card against Joe Biden during a primary debate to score political points. From how she handled being the border czar by ignoring the border for months and not even visiting the catastrophe that the Biden-Harris administration created, when she finally did visit the border, she landed about 50 miles away from where the chaos was ensuing; we know that she’s a complete phony.

Nobody thinks of Harris as a leader. If she can’t even run her own office efficiently, what makes anyone think she can run the country? The White House has the power to ruin people’s lives if it is filled with incompetents. We have been experiencing that since January.

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