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The California Re-Shutdown! Your State Next?

For those of us living in Socialist states, our re-openings were always going to be tenuous. California, IL, NY in addition to purple states with progressives governors like PA, have been fighting back against the calls to re-open by the Trump administration. Their state policies have some common effects, which have opened the debates for their reasoning.

  1. No large group gatherings – Prevents Trump Rallies and Church Services
  2. No entertainments venues – Slows Economy
  3. Masks required when not at home – Maintains Control

From a political view, the push to keep people separated, at home, scared and dependent on the state, and slowing the economy all appear to be positive for the democrats in the upcoming elections. If this persists, progressives nationwide feel like they can mandate voting through the mail, which is documented to include massive voter fraud.

During this time of demanding social distancing and masks, these same politicians have promoted the BLM and ANTIFA protests and even defended their rioting. No social distancing with only a few masks worn, expect to hide their face from photo/videos. With all the testing, the governors are seeing a spike in cases in the same areas and are using them to go backward in their re-openings.

Proof – Here is California Governor Newsome

From PJ Media

LA Cancels Beaches, Bars, and Fireworks After Protest-Caused COVID Spike. Happy Independence Day.

Cause, meet effect. The LA County health chief, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, says there’s a spike in coronavirus cases, which is “highly likely” due to the protests and riots starting May 27. Now everyone has to pay for it.

Ferrer said other, smaller gatherings also could have been to blame for some cases of coronavirus. But for days, beginning on May 27, hundreds and thousands of people gathered to condemn the George Floyd killing.

The riots and protests culminated on June 7 with a march of nearly 50,000 people in Hollywood.

Now that their celebrated protests have resulted in a spike in cases, LA just basically shut down July 4th celebrations

What is next, reversing school openings and requiring online education for 2020-21? They have already destroyed the NFL, NBA, and MLB seasons and have been after Churches the entire time.

Our faith in God, national pride, and love of family can’t be taken away by anyone. It really comes down to who really wants to keep America, America? Do the progressives have all the tools they need to finish off several states, destroying them to the point the federal government will have to become their nanny? I honestly don’t know, but I pray and will be standing with those Patriots who do.

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