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The Biden Administration Appeases Our Enemies While Acting Against the Best Interests of America

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

For anyone who has been paying attention and keeping score, the Biden administration, from the first day, has consistently done things to harm American citizens to either help foreigners or to grab hold of more power for the Democratic Party. Polices created and implemented have harmed the welfare of millions of Americans and, in some cases, cost Americans their lives in pursuit of appeasing an enemy.

The administration opened up our southern border and then invited anyone to come in with the overwhelming majority of people, taking them up on the offer, not being vetted in any way. That puts American citizens in harm’s way. There could be criminals coming in, gang members, cartel members, terrorists and others who wish to do us harm.

The administration handed over security for Kabul airport to the Taliban, an enemy of the United States and savage blood thirsty terrorists putting thousands of Americans in danger. The administration botched the withdrawal and then left hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines. That was unconscionable.

What were we supposed to think when we learned that Joe Biden threw out former President Donald Trump’s withdrawal plan for Afghanistan and replaced it with a plan to withdraw the military first then leaving American citizens behind to fend for themselves after handing security over a group of terrorists that led to 13 of our military members being killed in an ISIS-K suicide bombing while telling us at the same time that the Taliban, our enemy, is now a trusted partner, and then the attempted coverup of a drone strike that murdered a trusted ally and his family?

I’m now afraid, like millions of other Americans, of what this administration is going to do in the future. Are they going to tell us that Mexican drug cartels are trusted allies who are helping to bring millions of illegal migrants into our country? Are they going to declare war on a country only to find out they have destroyed the effectiveness of our military?

Joe Biden has kept the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley in his position even after learning that he said he would call and alert the enemy to let them know we are going to attack them and in fact did call his military counterpart in the Chinese Liberation Army once to tell him just that. He should hang for that treasonous behavior, yet the administration gave it a big old “meh.”

We now have top generals in our military who are more concerned over white rage and white supremacy, which is not a serious problem among the ranks, while at the same time they create military recruiting commercials for transgenders and other people with mental disorders instead of being concerned with winning wars.

The administration created a vaccine mandate that is unnecessary and unlawful for the American people who do not want to be vaccinated while at the same time they are not even testing illegal migrants for COVID before they ship them off to a city near you.

We have reports of measles and mumps, rubella, and other diseases we wiped out years ago that are now coming back because of the waves of illegal migrants the Biden administration are flying into cities and towns across America. They had to know that these people would infect American citizens.

It always seems like the administration is doing things to intentionally harm Americans. They made us dependent on foreign oil again when we were energy independent, costing millions of American jobs, raising energy costs for everyone.

Joe Biden and the administration following him have committed treason numerous times for multiple issues.

That accusation may seem troublesome to some people and that’s because this administration has the gift of an adoring news media that refuses to report on the failings, the unlawfulness, and the outright failures of that we have had to watch every day from the very beginning.

The Left has a pattern they follow that involves three things:

  1. They create a narrative for something they want to do.
  2. They get the mainstream news media to repeat the narrative and give it credibility.
  3. They get the tech tyrants and fact-checkers to block any pushback or information that debunks the narrative.

This is why we have half the country not realizing how much trouble we are in because of the decisions and actions taken by this administration. They either don’t know or don’t understand the truth, or they buy the spin of the pattern machine and think anything outside the narrative is false.

In almost every case, this administration has sought to subvert the life, welfare, and healthcare of every American citizen. Whether they choose to take action on something or to not take action, they do not base their decisions on what’s good for the American people, but what’s good for their party and the Marxist woke supremacy that is pulling the strings behind the curtain. They have undermined so much of our country that most Americans now sit back and understand that they no longer recognize the country they knew just 8 short months ago. And the frightening thing is if the administration is allowed to continue with their patterns of destruction, citizens will soon no longer be able to recognize their lifestyle as Americans.

The administration has violated our laws left and right. They have broken just about every immigration law there is, and not a peep from the mainstream news. They have subverted our system of justice, have held people charged with misdemeanors in solitary confinement for three-quarters of a year without regard to their Constitutional rights as American citizens turning jail cells into political gulags. Joe Biden has written unconstitutional executive orders that have no power behind them, to wipe out our national identify, our traditions, and worse yet, they have done things to degrade our national security.

The administration is working to bankrupt up and make our economy worthless.

What else would you call it when the administration has lied to the American people about a COVID vaccine being approved by the FDA and available when it was not? The FDA approved the Comirnaty vaccine, which is different from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is still under Emergency use Authorization even though they say a vaccine has been approved.

What do you call it when the administration tries to force Americans to get vaccinated for COVID while at the same time work with a cabal of leftists in states who are getting pharmacies to not fill prescriptions for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, two therapeutics that doctors around the world have prescribed for their COVID patients with spectacular success? It’s almost as if the administration wants unvaccinated people to die because they don’t need to follow their vaccination mandates if the therapeutics work.

How can you understand the administration revoking monoclonal antibodies from states who need them the most? Again, do they want Americans to die? I ask that as a serious question.

How can you justify in your mind an administration that makes laws that help one set of Americans at the expense of another, especially when the Constitution says that the Executive branch is not allowed to create laws? The administration unlawfully created an eviction moratorium, so that renters didn’t have to pay rent while at the same time they did absolutely nothing for property owners who now can’t pay the mortgages on their properties because no one is paying them rent. They harmed one group of people to score political points with another.

When did the American people give permission to this administration to do any of the things they are doing, like forcing kids in schools to wear masks 8 hours a day when we know it harms their ability to socialize and we know that kids under 17 have a very small chance of catching COVID and even smaller chance of dying from it?

When did any American vote for people to lose their jobs if they don’t want to take an experimental vaccine or their employers fine $14,000 per employee who violates an unconstitutional vaccine mandate law that would certainly bankrupt them?

It seems like neither Joe Biden nor anyone in his administration wants to hear feedback from anyone that their policies affect. They don’t listen to any reasoning from fellow Americans, and then we were told that Biden’s patience with the unvaccinated American people is running thin.

Treason defined:

18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Joe Biden adhered to the interests of China, the Taliban, and even Iran. He gave over $80 billion of military equipment to an enemy terrorist organization. He closed down Bagram airport, a strategic airbase that now we cannot use if we need to get in there, and made it all the more difficult to get American citizens out.

The blatant violation of the Separation of Powers, the humanity crisis the administration created at our border harming Americans and illegal migrants, the transparent schemes created to grab power for themselves at Americans’ expense, leaving American citizens behind in Afghanistan with our enemy controlling the country using our military equipment to find and kill them, forcing Americans to take medicine they don’t want to take, working to reenter a bad nuclear deal with a country that wants to use nukes against us and our allies, intentionally harming American’s health for political reasons, the lack of explanations for the multitude of unlawful actions taken, all of these things amount to Treason.

The Biden administration has committed Treason numerous times. Now that it’s out there, what happens next is up to you. Contact your representatives and tell them you will not accept the treasonous acts of this administration any longer. Demand they get off their rears and investigate charges of Treason for the things they have already done. And work to vote them out of office if they don’t respond.

This is your country, not theirs. You pay for it and they spend it. You, as an American, have the right to demand better.


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