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‘That Is Hilarious’: Energy Secretary Cackles When Asked About Rising Gasoline Prices

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughed out loud as she blatantly lied about rising gas prices.

Granholm blames OPEC for high gasoline prices when in fact the Biden administration is driving up the prices on purpose. It’s part of his Hate America First agenda.

Biden only took 9  months to become the worst president in history. It is an accomplishment that some people applaud. When I say some people I mean Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

Under President Trump, we had achieved energy independence. But in quick order, Biden destroyed that by blocking U.S. pipelines, abandoning drilling projects, and banning oil and gas leases on federal lands. No wonder Granholm laughed and said it was hilarious.

Of course, gas prices are going to rise and this winter, the poor and the middle class will be hit with massive heating bills. I have lived in South Carolina for almost nine years and I had my heater on once for one day.

Steve Milloy, a former member of the Trump transition team, said :

“Millionaire Energy Secretary Granholm laughs as she acknowledges that the Biden regime has put OPEC back in charge of global oil production and soaring prices that are harming non-millionaire Americans. Under President Trump, American frackers were large and in charge of both, and prices were low.”

“No US government official has ever thrown up their hands and cackled at Americans being gouged at the pump. Of course, no American President has purposefully gone out of his way to empower OPEC either.”

Now, let me address the big lie. Radical liberals claim they want to shut down fossil fuel production to protect the environment. Only the dumbest people believe that crock. Consider this.

Biden has shut down much of our production, but at the same time, he has asked OPEC to step up theirs to make up for it. Let me ask you a question. Which country has the strictest standards on emissions? The US, Saudi Arabia, or Iran?

Will that improve the environment in the United States? No, even if the radicals are right about global warming, and they are not, The environment is worldwide. But, I do find it curious that like so many other policies, Biden’s energy plan greatly benefits Iran, who not only can sell their oil again after Biden lifted the sanctions against them but they will make even more money because Biden is driving up the cost of oil.

Beware of Biden’s Hate America First policies.

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