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Thanks to Soaring Crime Rates, Philadelphia’s Concealed Carry Permit Applications Are Up 600% This Year

Thanks to all the skyrocketing crime in Philadelphia, concealed carry permit applications are now up 600% because when innocent Philadelphians see their city going down the tubes due to rising crime rates, they start arming themselves, and unlike criminals, they do it legally.

Last Wednesday, a man allegedly tried to rob a concealed carry permit holder in the city inside a neighborhood corner store in North Philadelphia. I grew up in Philly. I lived in the Roxborough section, which was the 5th District Police, the lowest crime rate section of the city, but I went to college in North Philly, and even back then in the mid-to-late 1980s, it was like a war zone in many neighborhoods. And things haven’t improved there with age.

Back in January, in Kensington, Philadelphia, which is considered part of North Philly, a pizza delivery guy shot an armed carjacker and hit him 6 times. The 39-year-old pizza delivery man was in the 3300 block of H St in the Kensington section of Philadelphia when an armed carjacker approached his vehicle to take his car according to WXTF-TV. Police said it was at that point that the carjacker pulled a gun and told the pizza delivery guy he wanted his car, but the pizza guy was a concealed carry permit owner who pulled out his gun and shot at the thug before the carjacker was able to get off a round.

The natural progression in America is if crime rises in your community, you will see more and more law-abiding neighbors buying guns and registering for a concealed carry permit. Democrats run Philadelphia, which means crime is rampant thanks to bad progressive policies.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) took to social media to reinforce the idea that Americans have the right to defend themselves built into the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights as part of the Constitution.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, concealed carry permit applications are “up 600% from recent years.”

A Philadelphia resident told PhillyMag, “I have a pistol on me at all times. You’ve got to be crazy not to, the way things are going.”

Philadelphia is known to have a serious heroin and fentanyl problem that causes a lot of crime. Murder rates are through the roof, and carjackings have been on the rise in recent years as well. Crime in the city is insane and you either have to move out of the city, something I did 25 years ago and I never looked back, or get armed for protection. Things in the city have gotten much worse since then. Now, they have a DA who doesn’t prosecute crimes and doesn’t seek bail for lower-level crimes. The city leadership is sending out all the wrong messages.

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