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Illegal Immigration

Texas National Guard Blocks Border Crossing as Wall Construction Continues

Don’t mess with Texas. Joe Biden may be a total incompetent, but Texans get things done.

Gov Greg Abbott has set up Texas National Guard to block the entrance of illegal aliens and drugs while a wall paid for by Texas is being constructed.

It is being set up by the Eagle Pass, Texas, along the Rio Grande River. The Texas National Guard has a bunch of Humvee vehicles set up in an effort to head off illegal aliens trying to circumvent Biden’s open borders.

There are even more troops that were expected earlier in the day to help shore up the defenses. The areas around Eagle pass are high traffic crossings for illegal aliens and for the smuggling of drugs.

This is why Abbott is so anxious to stop the flow of illegals and drugs into the area. You have to give him credit. He is not just sitting on his hands and complaining. He is actively taking matters into his own hands to make things better.

Governor Abbott utilized a similar tactic during the Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio in September.

Texas Highway Troopers lined the roads to prevent more Haitian migrants from entering the town and thus gaining entrance into this country at a point from which they can make themselves lost.

It worked once, so it was worth another try.

From BreitbartNews

A short distance away, construction crews are working to build Abbott’s border wall where the guard troops’ blockade ends. For two miles, the Texas border wall will stand 18’ tall and stretch along one of the busiest migrant crossing areas in Eagle Pass. A source involved in the construction tells Breitbart the project is progressing quickly. The source expects a state delegation to visit the construction site soon to observe the progress firsthand.

The National Guard deployment is part of Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star that has been in effect since March. The operation involves the deployment of more than 1,000 Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Troopers and 2,500 Texas Army National Guard soldiers to the border region across the state.

As of October 7, the operation has resulted in 6,799 criminal arrests, 1,195 migrant prosecution cases for criminal trespass, and more than 71,000 migrant apprehensions. The highway patrol has been involved in more than 800 pursuits since the inception of the operation.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. RWolfe

    October 25, 2021 at 6:29 am

    How did Abbotts plan with Haitians work if they were all loaded on busses and distributed throughout the US?

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