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Texas Gov Greg Abbott’s Deal With Mexican Governors To End Flow of Illegal Migrants Crossing the Texas Border Is Already Working [VIDEO]

I am old enough to remember when President Barack Obama‘s DOJ refused to apprehend illegal aliens crossing the Arizona border.

Then Republican Governor Jan Brewer had the state legislature create a law that she signed that allowed Arizona police to apprehend illegal aliens and take them to an Arizona federal building. Obama sued the state and won because the Constitution gives the federal government sole authority over immigration.

Article I, Section 3, Clause 4 of the US Constitution gives the US Congress the power “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…

Obama, being the scumbag that he is, also argued that the state law was racist (what else, right?) because in his example he said a Hispanic American family could be out enjoying ice cream and Arizona police could roll up on them and ask for proof of citizenship. Of course, that was a lie because the law said that law enforcement officers were only allowed to ask for residency status during another policing procedure. For example, if an officer pulled a car over for a traffic violation and the driver did not have identification, the officer could then start to question the driver’s status. If the driver showed a driver’s license, then it was over. The officer could not ask about status. Ironically, the federal government’s law enforcement is allowed to pull someone over and demand proof of residency status at any time and for any reason. So, Obama falsely accused the Arizona law of doing what his own law enforcement agents could already do.

In the end, Obama won in court and then turned around and told the country that the DOJ simply didn’t have the resources to apprehend illegal aliens coming over the border in Phoenix.

That was life under Obama.

Today, under President Joe Biden, it’s much worse. I mean, much, MUCH worse. The Biden administration has broken just about every immigration law on the books since day one of the administration. They have allowed over 2 million illegal migrants to cross our border with impunity. It is taking a toll on American border towns and the people living in them are fed up. The influx of thousands of paupers daily is crushing their economies and causing crime on top of it. The Biden administration doesn’t care. Instead of helping the Americans in those towns, they’re handing our smart phones to illegals as they ship them off to destinations around the country. It’s the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen. We have had past presidents who didn’t pay much attention to the immigration problem, but what is going on under the Biden administration is a blatant human rights violation on top of a direct assault on our country.

At last, some good news to report.

I was impressed when I saw Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday talk to Tucker Carlson about a program the state of Texas is employing that will start enhanced safety inspections of all commercial vehicles that come into the United States from Mexico that will halt all trucks trying to deliver goods to the US by creating a traffic slowdown due to the inspections.

The governor is doing this because of the unfathomable wave of illegals that will head to the southern border once Joe Biden ends Title 42, which is happening soon. The Biden administration is ending the rule that allows the administration to deport illegal migrants without a hearing over concerns of COVID. Now that the pandemic is over, there is no longer a need for Title 42. But the Biden administration hasn’t done jack squat to handle the increase in illegals that everyone with a triple-digit IQ knows is coming.

Abbot’s measure will shut down trade from south of the border considerably, and Abbott said that as the Mexican states start to demand relief, “we are demanding that they implement security measures that will reduce illegal immigration coming across the border.”

Abbott then noted that the governors of some of those Mexican states are having talks with Texas to implement security measures to stop illegals from crossing our border. Abbott said if Mexico doesn’t bolster security, “we are going to continue with our right to inspect every single vehicle coming across that bridge into the state of Texas, regardless of the economic consequences it poses to Mexico.”

The governor said that the warning of security inspections “had the predictable result, and that is it snarled traffic for miles…basically crashing economic conditions in these states as well as in the country of Mexico and having severe economic consequences for businesses in Mexico. And the predictable result is that these governors of states that are connected to the state of Texas would be knocking on our door begging for relief. And as they beg for relief, we are demanding that they implement security measures that will reduce illegal immigration coming across the border.”

He added, “There are different standards that we will be applying to different states that are connected to the state of Texas. Yesterday, we announced an agreement with the governor of Nuevo Leon. Today, we are hammering out details with two more states that are adjacent to Texas, they have border crossings in Texas, that will have some different measures that enhance security, that [stop] the flow of illegal immigrants from their states to the state of Texas, and then there will be one more state governor that we are dealing with tomorrow to try to hammer out details with him. Altogether, we expect and we demand that, on the Mexican side, they finally step up and stop these low-water crossings and other actions that are allowing these illegal immigrants to cross the border. If they fail to do that, we are going to continue with our right to inspect every single vehicle coming across that bridge into the state of Texas, regardless of the economic consequences it poses to Mexico.”

Abbott added that “you may see heightened migration attempts in other states like New Mexico and California where they are being less resistant as Texas is.”

On Wednesday, Abbott announced that he has already reached an agreement with the Mexican state of Nuevo León’s governor to secure part of the Texas-Mexico border.

A press release from Abbott’s office said, “Governor Samuel García signed a memorandum of understanding between the State of Texas and the Free and Sovereign State of Nuevo León to enhance border security measures that will prevent illegal immigration from Mexico to Texas and improve the flow of traffic across the Colombia Solidarity International Bridge.” The statement then said,  “The agreement goes into effect immediately.”

When Abbott announced the agreement, he blasted President Joe Biden for rolling back vital border security measures, as he is removing Title 42. He should have put in place measures to handle the new wave that everyone knows is coming, but the Biden administration wants as many illegals roaming the country as possible. The Democratic Party thinks of them as “Unregistered Democrats.”

“Texans demand and deserve an aggressive, comprehensive border security strategy that will protect our communities from the dangerous consequences related to illegal immigration,” the Republican said. “Until President Biden enforces the immigration laws passed by Congress, Texas will step up and use its own strategies to secure the border and negotiate with Mexico to seek solutions that will keep Texans safe.”

“This historic memorandum of understanding between Texas and Nuevo León is a major step in the Lone Star State’s efforts to secure the border in the federal government’s absence,” Abbott added.

Read the Agreement:


Other Mexican governors have been in contact with the Texas Governor’s Office and the Texas Secretary of State’s office to sign similar agreements.

This is pretty much what former President Donald Trump did to stem the flow of illegals pouring over our border. When you hit them in the pocketbook, it motivates people to do the right thing.

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