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Texas AG Says DACA Ruling Should Revitalize Push To Allow State To Control Their Own Border

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General (AG) said he agrees with the decision made by a Texas federal judge on July 16 when he ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is unlawful and he blocked the Biden administration from accepting new applications.

“I think it’s right to stop a president who just decided that he didn’t like federal law … and came up with his own immigration laws,” Paxton told The Epoch Times on July 16.

“And we sued him, rightfully so, for violating federal law, and making up his own laws about who gets to stay in the country.”

Joe Biden has created or changed many laws with executive orders, all of which are illegal because a president doesn’t have the authority to create laws.

US District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled on the Texas lawsuit that was joined by Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

When the Biden administration appeals the ruling the case should go to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which thanks to former President Donald Trump has become more Constitutionalist, which means the case will be appealed to the US Supreme Court where we know four leftist activist justices will automatically rule that President Obama was allowed to break the Constitution’s separation of powers by creating DACA. After all, Obama craps ice cream and rainbows.

DACA was created in 2012 out of thin air by then President Barack Obama by executive order. DACA shields 800,000 illegal immigrants from deportation who arrived at our southern border as children. He didn’t have the authority to create a law because our Constitution says that only the Congress can create laws.

Hanen’s ruling doesn’t affect the immigration status of current DACA people. They have work permits that are renewable every two years and they are exempt from deportation so long as they don’t commit a violent crime. Even then the Biden administration will probably figure out a way to keep that future Democrat vote in the country.

Former President Donald Trump rightfully tried to rescind the DACA executive order, and he became the first American president to be told he was not allowed to rescind a previous president’s executive order in the case of DACA. In the end, the Supreme Court blocked Trump from doing so in 2020. It was yet another low point for the High Court.

The Texas AG hopes the DACA ruling will support other pending lawsuits that accuse the Biden administration of Constitutional overreach.

Paxton pointed out that the Biden administration is pushing for “as much amnesty as possible,” and as much “illegal immigration as possible.”

“They’re trying to bring as many people into this country from as many places as they can,” he said. “They’re sending as many of these people to states that they consider Republican states.

“There’s two reasons: voting, and second, to punish these states for being Republican—make them pay with higher crime and more costs.”

Folks, this has 2022 written all over it. The Democrats recently slipped an amnesty bill into the budget that they want so that millions of illegals can vote for Democrats in red states. This is the theft of yet another election and these reprobate Democrats are doing this while claiming they are fighting for voting rights.

Border Patrol agents are apprehending a growing number of illegal aliens each month with 188,829 apprehended in June.

Paxton believes the 2012 case US v Arizona was wrongly decided. That was a case where the state of Arizona created a law that allowed law local enforcement to capture illegal aliens and deliver them to federal agents inside the state. This was because Barack Obama told them that the federal government didn’t have the resources to capture all the illegals that were entering their state. So the ruling against Arizona left border states with absolutely no alternative but to rely on a federal government that told them they are too incompetent to do their job when it comes to border security.

Obama won the case because the Constitution gives authority of immigration to the Congress. However, Paxton’s argument is not about immigration, it’s about protecting the citizens of Texas by controlling their own border.

The Texas AG wants to relitigate the Arizona case.

“I think that case was so wrongly decided,” Paxton said. “And if we find the right case, we’ll take it back up.”

The law that Arizona passed to secure their border was SB 1070 in 2010.

“They were just trying to protect their state from harm and the federal government wouldn’t protect them,” Paxton said.

“And the Supreme Court said, ‘Sorry, you guys are stuck with the consequences of the federal government not enforcing their laws and there’s nothing you guys can do to protect yourselves—you just have to take it, whatever it is, whether it’s more crime, whether it’s higher costs, whether it’s people dying—it’s too bad, you have to accept all of that.'”

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