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Terry McBrandon Repeats Debunked Lie About COVID Stats After Receiving 4 Pinocchios, Calls Fully-Vaccinated Youngkin an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’

Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has run a campaign loaded with dirty tricks. The campaign has a Facebook page called “The Download VA” that posts misinformation and disinformation about McAuliffe’s Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin. The Download VA posts the fake news to fake news websites. No, really. The sites they post to are made up to look like real news sites but they are not. They’re phony news sites made up by the hacks running McAuliffe’s campaign.

McAuliffe repeated an already debunked number about COVID-19 hospitalizations and lied about his fully vaccinated Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, falsely claiming he is an “anti-vaxxer” in a new interview Sunday.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” McAuliffe said Youngkin’s opposition to the COVID vaccine and mask mandates is “life-threatening.” The problem for McAuliffe is Youngkin never said he was against vaccines and if you are running for governor of a state, you should by default be against mask mandates, especially for children in school where they have to wear it up to 8 hours a day.

“We have 1,142 children who have been in the hospital here in Virginia,” McAuliffe lied.

McAuliffe has repeated that false number multiple times this month, and he changes the way he tells the same lie.

For example, on October 7, the lying Democrat said, “We in Virginia today, 1,142 children are in ICU beds.” Today?

And then, on October 21, he changed it up a bit. “We’ve just 1,142 children in serious, in hospitals, in ICU beds.”

Even the Washington Post, where democracy dies in the Fake News darkness, felt it was too big a lie and its fact-checker Glenn Kessler gave McAuliffe the paper’s worst falsehood rating of four Pinocchios.

McAuliffe tried to pull a dirty trick on Sunday when he used the total number of children hospitalized for COVID since the beginning of the pandemic as the number of children that are currently [today] in the hospital for COVID. And even that number is a lie because the real number is 976 as of October 23rd, according to statistics recorded by the state.

There is something seriously wrong with Terry McAuliffe. He cannot help himself. His poll numbers are spiraling down, so he feels he has to step up the lies he tells about this election. On Sunday, he hit Youngkin with another false accusation, claiming his fully vaccinated opponent is an anti-vaxxer.

“I’m running against an anti-vaxxer,” McAuliffe said. “As you know, Glenn Youngkin has said, ‘If you don’t want to take it, don’t take it.’ I believe teachers, doctors, nurses, everybody ought to be vaccinated.”

What McAuliffe didn’t realize is he exposed himself for being a tyrant who doesn’t believe in personal liberty and freedom, on top of not believing parents have the right to determine what their kids are taught in public schools. That’s a lot of Olympic-style stretching the Democrat is doing with the truth. Saying that you believe getting the jab is a personal choice is not saying you are against vaccines. Especially if the person saying it has been fully vaccinated. It’s just another McAuliffe lie.

McAuliffe also lied during the appearance saying Youngkin wanted to ban a book written by “an African American woman” called “Beloved.” He played the race card. It was a total fabrication because Youngkin never said he wanted to ban any books. What Youngkin did was point out that Terry McBrandon vetoed a bill that would have allowed parents to be informed about books that were going to be placed into their children’s school library.

McAuliffe’s lies seem to be correlated to his shrinking poll numbers. The lower they go, the more outrageous his lies. For Virginians, if you want the craziness to end in your state, get out tomorrow and vote for Glenn Youngkin for governor.

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