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“Terror in Hong Kong has Risen to Another Level” With Arrest of Media Mogul Jimmy Lai, Threats to American Media Grow

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  has forced severe new censorship laws on liberty seeking Hong Kong with new legislation they call the “National Security Law”, and Monday Hong Kong authorities moved in to arrest Jimmy Lai, the owner of Apple Daily, a pro-democracy newspaper.

“This is sending a message to America.  Jimmy Lai is an icon here in Hong.  It is interesting that the stick in his company as not dropped, I suspect that the people have bought up the share in his media company as a type of public showing support,” “Madden” a life long resident of Hong Kong, and a person who is very with Hong Kong financial markets told me. “Jimmy has really put himself at risk for Hong Kong and if President Trump is not elected again, Hong Kong is over.”

Stock in Lai’s media company soared confusing analysts.

Support for President Donald J. Trump is a common theme with liberty seekers in both China and Hong Kong, now Hong Kong as a CCP problem like Beijing, China. Lia, who is openly opposed to the CCP control of Hong Kong,  is also a British citizen and was granted bail on Monday shortly after his arrest.

CNBC reported, “Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has already taken huge risks by having his newspaper openly criticize Beijing, including the new national security law, and he’s been arrested for organizing pro-democracy protests. Lai said Hong Kong as it’s known to its people and the world is in danger of disappearing.”

“Lai and his sons were arrested for collusion with foreign powers and that is startling people in Hong Kong because it looks like Hong Kong is losing their press freedoms. China said they would impose Sanctions on 11 Americans under the National Security Law,” CNBC Reported.


Lai has been a determined proponent of liberty in the protests around Hong Kong which has unfolded over the last year.  Hong Kong is feeling the burden of Chinese Communist Party who wish to keep the area from being independent.

Experts on the CCP believe that the arrest of Lia is a moving the escalations between Liberty movements and the CCP to a new and frightening level.

“This is not a Cold War, this fight against the CCP for Hong Kong, China and America is an epic battle between good and evil”, “Madden” told me.

Gordon Chang, the author of the Coming Collapse of China, posted support to Lia.


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